Dermspotlight’s Beauty and Skincare Review Board

Research & Education Team – What It Is

Bringing Truth and Transparency to Beauty—The DermSpotlight beauty and skincare review board are composed of industry-best beauty experts, dermatologists, aestheticians, and plastic surgeons. This is the team that fact-checks and reviews our content to ensure it is accurate, verifiable, and up to date in reference to industry research. We take spreading beauty advice very seriously and strive to be the most trusted and reliable source in your beauty journey, and for this, our Board comes in handy.

Our Methodology

We have engaged more than 20 industry-trusted skincare professionals, beauty experts, aestheticians, and dermatologists who make our content review board. We are excited to share that every member of the DermSpotlight Review Board brings in years of experience working in the beauty industry at different levels. Each board member has a section in our content library that they are obliged to constantly review and ensure every bit of information we provide is accurate, factual, and research-supported. This ensures that our content is reflective of the current industry findings and study reports. Any piece of content that is found questionable, incorrect, out-of-date, or incomplete is flagged, to alert out editors, who respond immediately to either edit or take it down. To know an article is expertly reviewed, you should see a “Reviewed by note,” often beside the author’s name. On hovering over the note you’ll see the name of the expert that has reviewed and approved that article.

Our Reviewers

Meet our story reviewers and learn more about our content validation process below;

The views and opinions of our independent advisors do not necessarily represent those of DermSpotlight.

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