What is Valjean Labs?

Valjean Labs is a line of skincare products that started with a series of facial serums. The brand later expanded to other products such as Valjean Labs facial mist, Valjean Labs eye serum, wrinkle cream for hands, night creams, under-eye creams, and facial oils.

This brand generally targets millennials who are not only experimental but also budget-friendly shoppers.

Fast Facts

Valjean Labs

Best for: For all skin types
Uses: Consists of collection of specifically targeted skincare products that help customize your skincare routine
Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Collagen, Niacinamide
Price: $20 – $500
About the Brand: Valjean Labs now offers seven different facial serums, as well as masks, facial mists, facial oils, and an eye serum.

Is Valjean Labs Organic?

This brand does not have a Valjean Labs website from which we could learn if the product is organic or not. While it features organic botanicals like witch hazel, it is still not clear if it is entirely organic. However, searching for other brand-related material online, we found that Valjean Labs facial serum is enlisted as an organic serum.

Valjean Labs
Valjean Labs SkinCare Products Review. Image/Dermspotlight

What Ingredients are in Valjean Labs Products?

The products in this line have a combination of key ingredients, humectants, and silicone. Some of the key ingredients include;

Vitamin C

This is a potent antioxidant that is used topically in dermatology to treat and prevent changes associated with photoaging. According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, vitamin c can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a key molecule in moisture retention. The Dermato-endocrinology journal claims that hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) that has a unique capacity to bind and retain water molecules. As discussed in the best cosmetic wrinkle filler article, it also helps in hydrating and keeping the skin radiant.


This is also known as vitamin A. It is a 20-carbon molecule from the retinoid family. According to the Clinical Interventions in Aging, retinoids are required for several biological processes in the body. Some of the processes include; embryogenesis, reproduction, vision, growth, and inflammation.


This is an important structural protein that maintains the skin’s structure. In aging, collagen, elastin, and hydration usually reduce which paves the way to the development of the signs of aging such as frown lines and under eye wrinkles. The Journal of Complementary and Aesthetic Dermatology claim that collagen supplementation helps reduce the appearance of aging signs.


This is a heterocyclic aromatic compound that functions primarily as a hair and skin conditioning agent. According to the International Journal of Toxicology, niacinamide is used in many cosmetic formulations such as shampoos, hair tonic, cleansers, and skin moisturizers.

What are the Top Selling Valjean Labs Products?

Valjean’s top-selling products are the facial serums possibly because they have been around much longer than the other products. These serums include;

  • Clarify Facial Serum ($15) – contains vitamin A + witch hazel
  • Valjean Labs Glow ($15) – contains vitamin C + magnesium
  • Valjean Labs Hydrate ($15) – contains vitamin B5 + hyaluronic acid
  • Overnight Repair ($15) – contains retinol + peptides
  • Valjean Labs Restore ($15) – contains Valjean Labs niacinamide and zinc
  • Valjean Labs Sculpt ($15) – contains collagen + caffeine
  • Valjean Labs Smooth ($15) – contains glycolic acid + aloe

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Is it a Good Brand?

Although this product has received great responses from users, it may not be a very good brand as it uses lots of filler ingredients such as xanthan gum. This means that consumers will not benefit much from the key ingredients. The brand also fails to disclose the percentage content of key ingredients which makes it somewhat a rip-off.

Valjean Labs Reviews

Most of the Valjean lab reviews are positive. Customers appreciated the sleek glass packaging of the serums. Moreover, these devotees claimed it worked as advertised. Valjean products also caught the attention of lots of vloggers who have reviewed the products in their channels. For instance, a YouTuber who goes by the name Claunique Martinez reviewed some of the facial serums and she absolutely loved them.

There were negative reviews for this product as well. Customers claimed that the facial serums had to be used individually. According to them, layering the Valjean lab serum left a white film on the skin which was not a pleasant experience.

Is Valjean Labs Vegan?

Yes, Valjean Labs formulas are all vegan according to Urban Outfitters which sells the products online.

Is Valjean Labs Cruelty-Free?

Yes, the products are claimed to be free from animal testing.

How to Use the Products?

Using Valjean products is pretty straightforward. With products like the Valjean Labs brighten eye serum, Valjean anti-age eye serum, or Valjean overnight serum, you are supposed to cleanse your skin first. After cleansing, you can use your toner then follow up with a serum and moisturizer respectively.

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Where Can I Buy Valjean Products?

Valjean Labs products can be bought online from retailers or department stores in your locality. According to some reviewers, buying the products from stores was much cheaper as they got it at discounted prices.

What are some Alternatives to Valjean Labs?

Valjean appears to be a skincare brand that was banking on going viral. Yes, you will find a number of positive Valjean Labs reviews, but their degree of efficacy is purely anecdotal.

If you want to see real results, you need a brand that maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones. There are few brands that do exactly, what they say, for example, StriVectin, Genucel, Rodan and Fields, Plexaderm.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Final Thought

The Valjean brand has an array of skincare products that are popular with young consumers who are not very keen about the ingredients in them. Apart from the best-sellers, the brand also features products like Valjean Lab’s morning glow, Valjean Lab’s revive, Valjean Labs serum, and Valjean Labs replenish. These products are all vegan and cruelty-free according to the formulators.

While the products are considered effective by its fans, the ingredient list is not as promising due to the presence of fillers. For all the facial serums, for instance, the active ingredients are listed after xanthan gum, a thickening agent.

And in as much as users appreciated the fragrance and the ease of application of the products, they also pointed out that using the serums together was impossible. This is because layering the serums left a white film layer which is not a good finish. Other customers also pointed out that the products did not absorb well which may not appeal to users with oily skin.

If you have sensitive skin, it is better to stay away from these products as they are not dermatologist approved. But if you have no issues with skin breakouts and feel adventurous enough, then we suggest you read or watch more reviews by customers who have used the Valjean products. However, you should bear in mind that you will be subjected to the return policy of the retailers you buy from since the brand has no website.

Alternatively, you can explore other products in the market. Instantly Ageless, Kremotex, The Ordinary and Advanced Dermatology are a good place to start.

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