Noelani Ganz, LE, CLT

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  • Noelani Ganz, Licensed Esthetician Phoenix. Los Angeles.
  • Skin Studio was created to provide practical, fundamental, and effective skincare for all, making efforts to bridge the gap between the cosmetic skin industry and the practice of dermatology.

I’ve invested years of study and research, treating skin of all types, with a niche for properly identifying and successfully treating common, chronic skin disorders. This has allowed for extensive knowledge and thorough understanding of the behavior and reaction of the dermis and epidermis.

Additionally, I write, submit, and create skincare formulations that include intentional ingredients for intended performance.


Noelani Ganz has been practicing esthetics for over 20 years. Additionally, she has a physician who is her medical director, thereby broadening her scope of practice.

Compounding Apothecary formulations since 2016.

Education and Training

L.E since 2001