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Updated Jun 18, 2021

About Our Reviews

Well researched and balanced and independent product or service reviews can help you make informed decisions when you are looking to enhance your beauty. That is what our reviews are all about. We treasure your visit here and so our editors ensure the content we share is highly informative, independent, and as factual as it can be.

Our Dedicated Team

We have a team that is specially assigned to analyze and research, the products we receive from different sources. Our staff has managed to check and rate thousands of products using our crafted procedure. We believe our review criteria helps us view every major aspect of a beauty product or service that may impact the consumer. And with it, we rate the products on a scale of 1 to 10 (from worst to the most recommended). The two major phases of our review criteria are as below:

1. The Main Criteria

  • Claims versus ingredient facts
  • Product quality
  • Value

2. The Minor Criteria

  • Availability
  • Taste/Smell
  • Packaging

At DermSpotlight, our founding principles remain our key-drive and for this, we do not allow our content to be shaped by advertisers, brand ambassador opinions, or even the actual company behind the product or service. We are loyal to our promise, belief, and conviction, so we only offer honest, well-researched, and balanced product information.

What We Do

Our team subjects each beauty product or service to an intense review procedure, with safety being our first aspect to check before anything else. We research on the claims a product makes by comparing ingredient research reports from authentic sources, to see whether the facts coincide.

Beauty products receive ingredients upgrades and become better, while others end up receiving bad ratings from users, over time. For this, our editors have a schedule to ensure each article we publish is reviewed regularly to reflect the facts about its current state and potential impact on the user. For some of the products we recommend, we may receive a commission if a reader decides to purchase through our affiliate links. Read more about our disclosure policy here.

Even with that, we uphold our moral standards and uninfluenced by anyone specific brand or seller. This allows us to treat every promise a product makes as a claim that requires to be fact-checked against trusted research sources. Nevertheless, we do not shy from giving credit where it is due, as this helps ease our readers’ decision-making process.

Please note that our rating or position about a product is not permanent though. An official announcement from health regulators, the mother company, or legal complaints about an item can make us recall or change our recommendations. Not to mention situations where a government notice warns about a product, a company discontinues its product, or a brand falls out of business, all these may lead us to revise or withdraw our opinion.

Why You Should Trust Us

The product reviews and recommendations on are purely editorial and as such, honesty and the accuracy of information are the two facets we are very keen on. We do the homework for you by digging deep, to analyze each building component of a product to ascertain whether it’s worth your attention. We rely on industry expert advice and opinions, our test conclusion, skincare gurus, user feedback, and makeup artists’ inclinations to make our judgments. All this is to help our readers go beyond the marketing hype and make fact-based purchases.

Our Promise To You

Our promise and commitment to our readers are to offer honest, well-balanced, and accurate content. We analyze the quality of ingredients, the impact the formula may have (positive or negative), and its value to the real-world application. Basically, we don’t market, we analyze the products using our industry experts’ experience, customer reviews, and from our test findings. We will serve you all the information you need on any products we share and allow you to make the supreme decision on what you think could work best for you.

Our Team

We are a team composed of industry experts, highly experienced writers, and strict editors and are ever on the watch out for emerging beauty products. We follow a preformatted editorial guideline that helps us hold the team to account for the work done. Our well-stated mission is key to guiding our quality of content and this helps us make life easier for consumers. This has earned us respect from well-known brands around the globe.

Your win in making smarter purchases is our win as that is what we are here for.

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Do you have any questions, comments, or perhaps thoughts that you’d like to share with us? Our editors are waiting eagerly to hear from you, so please write to us using the contact us form.

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