Fuller, more youthful lips are all the rage right now in the beauty industry. This phenomenon all started with a few celebrities who quickly went from having thin lips to noticeably more plump lips in a short space of time with a little help from professionals.

If you would like to have fuller lips, but don’t have a celebrity budget or prefer less down time, this is where the City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss comes into place! With this amazing product, you will have noticeably fuller lips in just a few minutes! Think of this product as your very own “Lip Fairy GodMother” in a small but mighty tube.

In this review, we will be learning all about the City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss as it relates to:

  • How to Use the Product
  • Are the Ingredients safe
  • Pros & Cons

We hope you will enjoy our review of City Lips to your beauty regime for fuller lips!

Fast Facts

City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

Price $31.50
Guarantee 60 days, money back
Special Promotion Subscribe & Save 10% now and up to 15% on repeat deliveries
Cruelty-Free Yes
For Skin Types All ( Dry, oily, normal, combination, sensitive)
Where To Buy: Official Website

Pros & Cons Of City Lips

As it is in life and beauty products, it is all about balance. If you’ve got this far in the City Lips reviews and are almost convinced, we’ve curated a list of Pros and Cons to help you finalize your decision.


  1. Ingredients work well together to make lips look visibly smoother and softer
  2. Great return policy
  3. Minimal Side Effects


  1. Lip plumping results are subtle
  2. Results are temporary, unless you re-apply multiple times throughout the day
  3. Not enough clinical evidence to support lip plumping benefits

About City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss

City Lips Clear Plumping Lips Gloss is a “lip plumper” in a tube that provides an immediate as well as a long term solution to your lips.

In addition to visibly smoother lips, it helps to improve the overall appearance of the lips by giving it a more youthful appearance that is free of wrinkles, fine lines and drooping.

City Lips was founded by Victoria Renee in 2002 after searching for years for a product to improve the size of her thin lips. After scouring the internet and brick and mortar stores and not finding a product that met her specific needs, she created her own and thus, City Lips was born! The brand started with one product and has since expanded to a range of products which includes Creams and Serums.

Primarily, the brand focuses on targeting skin aging concerns including wrinkles, fine lines and discolouration – City Lips has been deemed as the mainstay product and is still the most popular product in the entire line.

How To Use City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

As with any beauty product, it is always recommended to “use as directed for best results”, and using City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss is easy! Upon applying, you will notice a slight tingle followed by a subtle, yet noticeable effect.

We’ve listed the steps below to help you make the best of the product and to get the best results.

  • Clean your lips with water or make-up removing wipes and let them dry
  • Apply to lips by using the applicator as you would do with your favorite lipstick or lipgloss
  • Press lips together to allow even distribution of the product
  • For application with Lipstick: Apply then wait 2-3 minutes
  • Enjoy noticeably fuller lips

Based on the suggested use, for best results, use City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss two [2] times per day. Even though City Lips delivers results just after ten minutes, you get the maximum results with consistent use.

How Does City Lips Work?

City Lips works by giving the illusion of bigger lips –unlike traditional lipgloss. Once applied to lips,it will give a tingle, which means the ingredients have been activated.

It uses ingredients that have properties that smooth, enhance, plump and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These ingredients, when combined, help to support the body’s natural collagen production which helps lips to improve over time.

What are City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss Ingredients and Are They Safe?

Yes, the ingredients are safe and have been used in similar products for several years. City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss uses different ingredients to work its magic to allow your lips to have a visibly smoother, plumper and even more youthful appearance. It is described as being “trusted by over 2.2 million customers worldwide”, by the official City Lips website.

You will also be happy to know that the product is cruelty free, which means it is not tested on animals and backed by science by the brand’s research team. With that being said, the product features popular ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid which has the ability to lock in moisture and aids in an overall plumpness of the skin.

Below, you will find a more in depth analysis of the top 3 primary ingredients and how they work to improve the overall look of your lips.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is known as “the moisture molecule” because of its ability to lock moisture into the skin. As a result, wrinkles around and on the lips are less noticeable.

Hyaluronic acid, a promising skin rejuvenating biomedicine: A review of recent updates and pre-clinical and clinical investigations on cosmetic and nutricosmetic effects by Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari

et.al, HA (as it is called scientifically) plays a multifaceted role in regulating the various biological processes such as skin repairmen. Due to its remarkable biomedical and tissue regeneration potential, HA has been numerously employed as one of the imperative components of the cosmetic and nutricosmetic products. It is for this reason, Hyaluronic Acid exhibits outstanding nutricosmetic efficacy and can be used as a main ingredient in many cosmetics products like City Lips Plumping Gloss.


This ingredient was quite new to us, but it is described as “strings of amino acids that help smooth the appearance of fine lines”,on the official City Lips website.

This is a type of peptide that helps to restore hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. How exactly does Oligopeptides work you might ask – it is better explained in a study by Nathan S. Trookman et.al

Clinical Assessment of a Combination Lip Treatment to Restore Moisturization and Fullness.

Thirty-two (32) women aged 22-40 with mild to moderate lip dryness and averaged size lips participated in the study over a four [4] weeks period; each subject wore products for 8 hours per day and a minimum of three [3] applications. They used a product with Hyaluronic acid in the first stage and another with peptides in the second stage. ​​In the end, it was discovered that “Clinical assessments showed statistically significant improvements (P< 0.001) in key lip condition parameters after both two and four weeks of use. Key parameters included lip scaling, cupping, cracking/fissuring, fine lines due to dryness, lip texture/visual roughness, lip color/rosiness, lip definition/contour, and overall lip condition”. This is a clear indication that Oligopeptides is effective in restoring moisture and fullness to lips.


Deemed as “a natural antioxidant that promotes even-looking skin tone”. Yes! Lips can be uneven, which is quite popular in more people with dark skin tones than you think. The upper lip is slightly darker than the lower lip and can be discolored due to health conditions and even excessive exposure to the sun. In a review by Anna Ratz-Łyko and Jacek Arct , titled

Resveratrol as an active ingredient for cosmetic and dermatological applications: a review, it was found that “Resveratrol is now being increasingly used in cosmetology and dermatology.

The review then went on to look a the popularity of Resveratrol in cosmetology:

Its popularity in cosmetology and dermatology is primarily associated with proven ability to penetrate the skin barrier and antiaging activity. It has been shown that formulations with resveratrol can stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and contribute to the increase in the concentration of collagen III.

This means it protects the skin (lips) from harmful UV rays and serves as a barrier from inflammation and other skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. If you have sensitive skin, you can use City Lips Plumping Gloss.

Finally, It is important to note that City Lips Plumping Gloss is formulated without:

  • Parabens or Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mineral Oils
  • Peanuts


Based on the ingredients used in the formulation of the product, we highly recommend City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss and approve of the product! These ingredients are cruelty free, backed by science and when combined, actually do what it says it will do.

We particularly like the story behind the brand and how it was created out of necessity due to the founder not being able to access a product that checked all her boxes.

Price was another deciding factor which is affordable at $31and reasonable when compared to high end surgery, if we decided to take that route. Based on customers’ online reviews and feelings of our own, we are giving this product 4.6 / 5 star rating and encourage you to try it for yourself!

People Also Ask

Q: How Does City Lips Work?

A: The Hyaluronic ingredient in the formula expands on contact and gives a visible plumping in minutes. Also, Oligopeptides help to decrease the look of wrinkles and increase the volume for a fuller and smoother look.

Q: Does City Lips Come in a Color?

A: Yes. City Lips comes in the following colors (Holly, Nude York, Sun Diego, Orchid, Los AngeLips, and Snow). With City Lips Matte, you can achieve flawless, long-wear color with just one lip product.

Q: How Often Should I Use City Lips?

A: We recommend using the product twice per day. City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss delivers immediate results, but with consistent use, you will see a more noticeable change over time on your lips.

Q: How Do I Know If City Lips Are Right For Me?

A: There is no way to know unless you try the product.City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss is safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive. As we age, our skin, including the lips, starts to lose collagen and there is a noticeable difference – if you do not like the product, you can always return.

Q: Is City Lips Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

A: Yes. City Lips is great for all skin types. It contains ingredients that help soothe and hydrate your lips. But if you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to do a patch test before using any new cosmetic product.

Q: Where Can I Purchase City Lips Plumping Gloss?

A: City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss can be purchased from the official City Lips website. As this is a product that slightly alters the appearance, we strongly recommend purchasing from the trusted sites.

Q: What is the Return Policy on City Lips Plumping Gloss?

A: There is a 60 days return policy on the product where you will receive a full refund for products that are unused and unopened.

Q: How is City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss different from other Lip Glosses and Lip Plumpers?

A: Most lip glosses and plumpers create the illusion of fuller lips, but rarely deliver long lasting results. City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss uses lab tested and ingredients that enhance fuller, and smoother lips while improving over lip health.

What People Are Saying Online About City Lips

The City Lips reviews are in and it is no secret people all over the world love City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss. There are some who love everything about the product, and many users appreciated the city lips before and after results and also others who particularly love the ingredients.

See below for what a few happy customers had to say –we think after reading this review, this could be you after one use.

Soft Lips.

I like everything about it. I never go to bed without applying this clear gel like lip plumper. – Lisa H.

Good product.

When I wear it my lips definitely look fuller. It doesn’t do anything to permanently change your lips but there’s a difference while wearing it. – Susan Katz

This stuff works!

I am at 73-year old woman who has lived most of her life in the US SW, where it tends to be super dry. As you can imagine, this means my lips are always chapped. I have tried more things to keep my lips moist than you can imagine. Some of them worked for a little while, some only work after a fresh application (for about 10 minutes), some worked initially but then made my lips even drier, and some didn’t even try to solve my problem. City Lips is a miracle. It keeps my lips moist, which is all I care about. It also, however, plumps them up a little and gets rid of some of the lines. I plan to keep a steady supply! – Lucy

AMAZING Product!!!

I have always had thin lips but Thanks to City Beauty Lips I now have fuller and softer lips. I am completely amazed and satisfied with this AWESOME product and would recommend it to anyone looking for softer fuller lips. – Jennie

City Lips Before and After

City Lips Before and After Pictures(Credit: Official Website)

Video Review of City Lips

Still not convinced, you may want to watch this video of City Lips shared by an influencer named
Kristi Bergman. He has 22.1K subscribers and 11K views on this video.

City Beauty City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss Review (Video Credit: YouTube)

City Lips Reviews – Conclusion

City Lips contains ingredients that when combined, helps to slow down the aging process, where youthful, smooth and fuller lips are the result. As we age, our lips start to lose their full, plump and youthful appearance which might cause some insecurities in most women.

The product has earned raving reviews and we can see why over 700 people on Amazon have given the product positive reviews and also the reason why it received two awards from Good Housekeeping for “Best Beauty Product”.

This is the best product for individuals who would like the appearance of fuller lips, without cosmetic surgery or injectables. City Lips is also perfect for a number of skin types, including even the most sensitive skin type, which means it will work for everyone.

If you are looking for a lip plumping product that says everything it claims to do, look no further than City Beauty City Lips Clear Plumping Lip Gloss.

We hope this review will help you to keep City Lips top of mind as the go-to product to enhance the appearance of your lips.

Where to Buy?

Check the Official Website to Purchase this Product.


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