What Is Shape ReClaimed?

Shape ReClaimed is a brand that manufactures dietary supplements, Shape Reclaimed drops, and develops program guidebooks, simple recipes, and self-reclaimed toolkits to help bring your body and health into shape.

The Shape program works in three phases: Shape ReClaimed Phase I includes proper detoxification, phase II works to stabilize metabolism, and phase III includes living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch founded Shape Reclaimed in 2010. The two began this brand to help people deal with their personal health struggles by using the programs available to reclaim their health. The shape program includes Shape Reclaim recipes and a Shape Reclaim food list to help guide your diet. The company believes that not all people will experience similar results since people are unique.

Shape Reclaimed
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The company claims that Shape ReClaimed allows you to have a tailor-made experience. This is because every individual is unique, and one person’s experience will not be the same as another’s. The company also claims that they have partnered with practitioners to help develop programs that work for different people.

Shape ReClaimed claims that there are four approaches to healing and they include decreasing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, cleansing and detoxifying, and getting rid of toxic weight. The company also claims that Shape ReClaim is not a weight loss program but a lifestyle modification program to help people choose their food wisely.

Fast Facts

Shape Reclaimed

Form: Drops and capsules
Type: Program and dietary supplements
Brand: Shape Reclaimed
Contact: 636-484-8444 | [email protected]
Address: 510 Baxter Road, suite 6 Chesterfield, MO 63017
Ingredients: Celandine, wood charcoal, club moss, ovine-derived placenta
Cost: Unavailable on the official website
Dosage: Use supplements together with the shape program
Editor’s Rating 3.8 / 5.0
Highlights The supplements may help improve mood and promote better sleep
The program helps promote weight loss
May improve digestive health
Shape Reclaimed helps strengthen the immune system

Expert Take:

One of the article published by Aleksa Ristic, MS (Pharmacy) states that celandine (Chelidonium majus) has potential health benefits. In traditional medicine celandine was used to detox, improve digestion, remove warts, boost circulation, and more.

According to the research done by Helen Senderovic and Megan J Vierhout activated charcoal has a firm history in its ability to attract and expel ingested toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.

As per Andrea N. Giancoli, MPH, RD dietary supplements should be complementary to diet.

What Are The Ingredients In Shape ReClaimed Products?


Celandine or Chelidonium majus is an herbal ingredient used in some dietary supplements to help relieve discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Celandine may also improve other digestive issues including, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cancer, appetite loss, constipation, liver disorders, and intestinal polyps. This may help improve overall digestive health.

An article in the National Library of Medicine reveals that celandine is a botanical extract that helps in the treatment of gallbladder and liver disease, dyspepsia, and gastrointestinal disorders. It may also treat bronchitis and asthma.

Wood Charcoal

Wood Charcoal is permeable and it helps absorb gases and liquids. Most companies use wood charcoal in gas masks, water filters, and anti-gastric capsules or tablets to help people with indigestion issues.

Wood charcoal may also improve kidney function by reducing the amount of waste that the kidney filters. Supplements containing wood charcoal may also reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels in the body.

According to the Western Journal of Medicine, charcoal is commonly used to treat poisoned patients as it supports gastric emptying. Its effectiveness in the management of poisoned patients makes it known.

Club Moss

Chinese club moss is an herb that is commonly used to make medicine and supplements. Club moss supplements help improve cognitive functions, improve memory, and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

It may also be used for inflammation, pain, fever, irregular menses, and blood loss. Some people may take it to help reduce fluid retention in the body by increasing urine.

According to the Journal of Experimental Pharmacology, club moss helps treat some neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps protect the brain against premature aging.

Ovine Derived Placenta

Ovine-derived placenta contains high concentrations of growth factors, bioactive cytokines, and nutrients. Clinical studies support that the ovine placenta is rich in special proteins that help regulate hormone production, promote cell growth, and boost immunity. The placenta extract also helps improve skin firmness and elasticity and improves skin hydration.

An article in Stem Cells International supports that placenta extract has regenerative therapies as it helps promote new cell regeneration and improve immune functions.

Shape ReClaimed Review – How Does It Work?

The shape program works in three stages. Phase I is the cleanse phase, which involves proper detoxification of the body. Although detox can sometimes be harsh, it helps reduce inflammation, improve brain health, and promote weight loss. Here you will use shape-reclaimed phase I recipes, including shape-reclaimed breakfast recipes, and take Shape Drops.

Phase II is an important phase where the body’s metabolism and brain chemistry are stabilized. People who lost some weight in Phase I will experience long-term results in this stage. This stage involves establishing your relationship with food. You will keep taking Shape Drops for three weeks.

Phase III involves changing your lifestyle into a healthy one. The client and the practitioner establish a plan that will work for you in the long run. You may use the Shape Reclaimed cookbook to help you with the new lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Shape ReClaimed


  1. Shape program helps promote weight loss
  2. Shape ReClaimed drops ingredients are all natural
  3. Helps improve your lifestyle
  4. Shape-reclaimed products may improve mood and sleep
  5. Shape ReClaimed helps increase metabolism and brain functions


  1. What works for one person may not work for another
  2. It may take time for you to see the results


Q: Is Shape ReClaimed Safe?

A: Yes, Shape ReClaimed is safe as it provides you with products and a program that allows you to change your lifestyle. Every client gets a practitioner to guide them through the phases and help establish a health program that works for them. Shape reclaimed also allows you to eliminate bad eating habits to promote weight loss.

Q: How Do I Use Shape ReClaimed?

A: Shape Reclaimed is an easy and effective program. You can log in to the official website as a client and are assigned a practitioner who will help you establish a guide that will work for you. You should follow the steps at each phase to achieve fast and visible results.

Q: Where Can I Buy Shape ReClaimed?

A: Shape Reclaimed products and programs are available on the official website through the company’s credentialed practitioners.

Q: Are There Any Precautions To Taking Shape Reclaimed?

A: The company does not warn of any Shape Reclaimed dangers that you should worry about. However, if you do not disclose important information about your health to your practitioner, then you might to get the help you need.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects To Shape Reclaimed?

A: There are no adverse Shape Reclaimed side effects reported by clients. In case of any problem, inform your practitioner so that he/she may know what to change in your program.

How We Researched & Rated

Feature Stars
Improving Digestion* 3.5/5
Weight Loss* 3.8/5
Improving Sleep* 3.4/5
Metabolism Support* 3.5/5

What Do Real Users Say?

The shape Program has done me great. It has helped me change my perspective on diet and my eating habits have improved. I must say that I eat healthy foods thanks to the shape-reclaimed recipes phase 1. ~Allan J.

I read some Shape Reclaimed reviews online before I subscribed to their website. Most customers had changes in their lifestyle and diet, and some have even lost weight. I knew I needed such a program for myself. ~Emma P.

I highly recommend Shape Reclaimed products as they have worked for me. ~Hellen K.

The program works, but honestly, it was exhausting for me. It was taking a long for me to see the results, so I stopped mid-way. ~Esther

The Bottom Line

Shape Reclaimed is a health and wellness brand whose mission is to transform the health of individuals.

The company includes programs and products that help promote weight loss and support lifestyle changes. Based on Shape Reclaimed success stories, you can be sure that the brand products and the program works.

You can also checkout the Total Restore Reviews as it also provides the same benefits.

Not all people will experience similar results. However, you may check some Shape Reclaimed before and after pictures of people who have benefited from the program. The secret is to focus on your program and work with your practitioner to achieve visible results.

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