What is Lash24?

Lash24 is a day and night serum that promises fuller-looking eyelashes. The serum offers nourishing components that supposedly speed up the growth of lashes.

It is designed to offer consistent nourishment to the follicles to enhance growth. In addition, continued use of this product may help one achieve thicker and noticeably longer lashes.

Besides, Lash24 is designed to ensure comfort, in the sense that the formula does not feel sticky. And it is light in weight, another aspect that allows it to be won with mascara without causing uneasiness.

Fast Facts


Types: All skin types can use this serum.
Uses: Lash24 works as a supplement that helps supply necessary nutrients to the skin beneath lashes.
Ingredients: Red Clover Extracts, Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Biotin
Price: $59.99
About The Brand: Lash24 by Hair La Vie is lash growth serum + primer.

Is Lash24 Any Good?

Lash24 may be a reliable product for someone who wants to enhance the look of their eyelash. It supposedly works fast and that in a few weeks you should see a positive change in the appearance of your eyelash. Also worth mentioning is it claims to instantly change the look of lashes for the better after use. Its application is easy and the results are supposedly lab tested.

What are the Ingredients in Lash24?

Top on the list of Lash24 ingredients include:

Red Clover Extracts

In general, this ingredient supposedly supports hair growth. Besides, it is a common component in the beauty industry, and that it may help fill up lashes, as well as keep them healthier. One article in the Journal of Cosmetic Science seems to approve this claim.


This is a protein component that naturally exists in the body, and often key in the hair structure, nail as well as some areas of the skin. Its rich presence is said to help to condition and soften lashes. It also offers active antiaging benefits in that it is an antioxidant that protects the lashes from environmental stressors, according to Biotechnology Reports.

Silk Amino Acids

Some studies agree that the deficiency of certain amino acids, this being one may quicken hair loss. As such, the correct supply of this ingredient may help restore damaged lashes. It may also improve hydration on the lash skin as well as lead to longer stronger lashes. A claim that the International Journal of Trichology appears to support.


Is among the key components in a strong hair structure. When present and at the right levels, biotin has been shown to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes. One article published by the StatPearls Internet suggests that it may work to help treat the causes of brittle hair.

How Does Lash24 Work?

In principle, Lash24 works as a supplement that helps supply necessary nutrients to the skin beneath lashes. The formula works day and night and that, the lab tests done on it show it may support youthful-looking eyelashes. However, it needs to remain active on your skin, and that the reason users are advised to put this serum on throughout. Ideally, the bedtime application or simply the AM Formular encourages deep conditioning for richer-looking lashes. The AM formula on the other hand would supposedly prime the eyes as well as allow easy mascara application. Also, worth stating is that Lash24 works well with most ordinary daily routines.

Lash24 Pros & Cons


  1. It promises fuller lashes
  2. It features panthenol and keratin which supposedly strengthen lashes
  3. The serum is claimed to start working immediately
  4. Claimed to absorb well and that it’s easy to apply


  1. Lash24 is currently only available online
  2. The rate of results may vary from one person to another

Lash24 Reviews

Although currently there are a few Lash24 reviews online. Seems this serum is loved by most users. Out of 58 global ratings, 50% of the users have given it 5 out of 5 stars, while 20% gave it 4 stars and above. Most rated it as having a good thickness and effective, while others were happy and mentioned it is worth the money. Susan, in particular, points out that the serum worked for her without causing irritation on her skin, which she didn’t expect.

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People Also Ask

Q: How to Apply Lash24?

A: The AM Formula should be applied alone or under mascara every morning. And the PM Formula every night or just before sleeping.

Q: How Much is Lash24?

A: The price is in two categories:

Under the Subscription Plan;

  • 1 tube [every 2 months] – $49.99 each
  • 2 tubes [every 4 months] – $44.99 each
  • 4 tubes [every 8 months] – $41.99 each

Under the One-Time Purchase Plan;

  • 1 tube – $59.99 each
  • 2 tubes – $54.99 each + free shipping
  • 4 tubes – $49.99 each + free shipping

Q: Is Lash24 Legit?

A: Based on the shared information, the company behind Lash24 seems to be a reliable and legit manufacturer.

Q: Does Lash24 Offer Trial Sample?

A: No. There is no information on Lash24’s website that indicates they offer free trials.

Q: Where Can I Buy Lash24?

A: This eyelashes serum is sold online through the producer’s website.

Q: Does Lash24 Have a Return Policy?

A: Lash24 is covered by a 90-day return policy that allows you to ask for a refund of your money in case you feel the product doesn’t deliver the promise as you’d wish.

Final Thought

Lash24 prides itself on using lab-tested natural ingredients to ensure it delivers the promise of fuller eyelashes. Well, all factors considered, it is safe to say that this serum has the potential to work as touted.

For one, the company points out that it helps rejuvenate the body’s natural lash-growing process. People who respond well to this serum might see the results much quicker, especially since it is a dual day and night solution. In other words, this means it saturates the skin with the right components to initiate the target results.

Another plus for Lash24 is the aspect that it doesn’t interfere with your mascara application. Despite the many benefits, the company assures the safety of this product in the sense that it is free from harmful hormones, chemicals, or agents that may promote skin discoloration. However, in case the serum ends up mistakenly in your eyes, ensure to splash it off or rinse your eyes with clean cold water.

In the fast month of using Lash24, most users notice a healthier appearance in their lashes, in that they become thick and strong. From the second month and on, notable changes may occur. Among the key boosts that this cream gives to your looks is that it influences youthful-looking eyelashes.

Where to Buy Lash24?

The product can be bought from the Official website

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