What is Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner is an enriching conditioner which is most appropriate for people who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. It’s rich in antioxidants which repair damage to the hair. In addition, this product can prevent breakage and detangle the hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

Fast Facts

Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner

BEST FOR: All Hair Types.
USES: Help support healthy growing hair and improve the scalp.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lecithin, Yeast Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
PRICE: $22
ABOUT THE BRAND: NIOXIN provides products with exfoliants and anti-aging ingredients for a youthful scalp complexion and healthier-looking hair.

How Do I Use Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

Begin by shampooing your hair and drying with a towel. The manufacturer recommends Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Cleanser. After you use the Nioxin Shampoo, spread the conditioner throughout your hair and wait for a minute before rinsing carefully.

What Are the Advantages of Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?


  • It could minimize hair breakage.
  • It may lessen the appearance of thinning hair.
  • This product could reduce hair loss.
  • It may leave your hair smooth and untangled.
  • The product might reduce damage to your hair.
Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner
Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Review. Image/Dermspotlight

What Are the Ingredients in Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

Here are some of the primary active ingredients in it:


This is a fatty substance produced by the liver and found in the cells. It also exists in many food items like soybean. It provides the hair with enough protein to enhance growth. It can also improve the hair’s texture and make it appear more radiant. A review in the International Journal of Toxicology said this is a safe substance to use in cosmetic products.

Yeast Extract

Yeast is a unicellular microorganism in the same family as fungus. It’s used to make bread and beer and has been an additive in food for decades. It can help with hair growth by increasing the amount of protein in the hair. It’s also rich in vitamins which improve the health of the hair. An article in Cosmetics and Toiletries stated that yeast was effective for strengthening hair.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

This is an evergreen tree which has green tea leaves. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which fixes hair damage and protects it from further harm. This plant can improve circulation, which stimulates hair growth. It also deeply hydrates the hair and scalp. A study published in Majalah Obat Tradisional confirmed that green tea promotes hair growth.

How Does Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Work?

This Nioxin Scalp Treatment is very high in minerals and fats which are enriching to the hair and provide nutrients. This improves the overall health of the hair.

In addition, the fats provide moisture which prevents dryness. This product contains a lot of antioxidants, which can repair damage to the hair and protect it from pollutants. A study in the Journal of Biomaterials Science found that human hair protein extract had unique antioxidant abilities.

In addition, it contains ingredients which support hair growth, like lecithin. It provides the protein needed to lengthen the hair, and it also makes the hair shiny and healthy looking.

In addition, biotin increases the amount of keratin in the hair, and this protein strengthens it and makes it healthier and thicker. There’s some belief that biotin can promote hair growth. However, a review in Skin Appendage Disorders found limited evidence for this fact.

Where Can You Buy Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

You can’t purchase it on the official website, but it’s for sale from many other online and offline retailers.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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How Much Does Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Cost?

The price of it varies somewhat from site to site, but on average it costs $20.

What Is the Refund Policy for Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

It is not for sale on the manufacturer’s official website, so they don’t have a refund policy. Any site or store you purchase from should have their own policy, which will cover your purchase.

What Do the Reviewers Think of Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

There were many opinions of it in the reviews, but most of the customers had good things to say about the conditioner. People said it was effective at preventing hair loss and breakage, and it made their hair feel healthy.

There were also some reviewers who gave negative reports of the product. Some said it dried out their hair, or they weren’t happy with the results.

Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Valotin Strengthening Conditioner $30.95 Biotin, Botanical Extracts & Provitamin B5
Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye Conditioner $59.99 Caffeine, Eucalyptus, Chamomile Recutitta.
R+Co Television Perfect Conditioner $32 Juniper Berry Extract, Shea Butter
Olaplex No. 5 Conditioner $28 Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil
Muroto Volume Conditioner $59 Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Edelweiss Flower, Mallow Flower Extract, Tocopherol
Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner $37 Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Is Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner a Good Product?

A: It is a high-quality product which should really enrich the hair. It’s incredibly high in minerals and fats that can nourish the hair, help it grow, and prevent breakage and hair loss.

It’s also high in antioxidants, which repair damage to the hair and protect it from harm. Finally, it contains ingredients which encourage hair growth like biotin. This is a quality hair conditioner which would likely be a good choice.

Q: Who is the Manufacturer of Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

A: A company called Wella Operations US LLC manufacturers Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner. They are located in Germany. This is one of the world’s largest hair and cosmetic suppliers, and they sell their line in over 150 countries. A hairdresser called Franz Ströher founded the organization in 1880.

Q: Who Should Use Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

A: It is most suitable for anyone who has thinning hair or is experiencing hair loss. However, this is a good quality product which would be good for anyone who wants softer, healthier hair.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Q: Does Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Have a Scent?

A: The manufacturer of provides no information about the scent of the product, or even whether there is one.

Q: Can Men Use Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner?

A: Yes, men can absolutely use. This is a unisex product which can provide benefit to anyone.

Q: Does Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Have Any Side Effects?

A: There are no real side effects associated with using this conditioner unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. If this is the case, you may get redness or an itchy scalp. Stop using the product immediately if this occurs. Check the ingredient list carefully before using this conditioner if you have allergies.

Q: Is Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner Worth It?

A: The price of it is very reasonable, and much lower than most other quality conditioners. In addition, it includes a high level collection of ingredients which are effective at treating hair damage and preventing hair loss. This product is worth it, and many of the reviews agree.


It is a natural hair care product aimed at people with thinning hair or hair loss. It promises to treat these issues, and also to prevent hair breakage and tangled hair. It leaves the hair smooth and easy to style.

The reviews for it were mostly very good. Many customers loved the results of this product, and found it prevented hair loss and made their hair thicker and smoother. A few users said the product dried out their hair.

Some people may experience an allergic reaction to an ingredient, leading to redness or itchiness on the scalp. If this occurs, stop using the conditioner right away. If you have allergies, always check the ingredients carefully before using a product.

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