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ALASTIN Skincare TransForm Body Treatment Review – Is It Worth Trying?

ALASTIN Skincare TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology is designed to use after body-sculpting procedures.
By Dermspotlight Staff,
Updated Aug 25, 2022
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What is TransForm Body Treatment?

TransForm Body Treatment is a natural cream which has anti-aging properties, and which is primarily meant for use following a body-sculpting surgical procedure. Body Treatment is high in peptides, which produce the collagen which firms the skin. This can smooth crepey skin, cellulite and wrinkles.



BEST FOR: All skin types.

USES: Body-sculpting surgical procedure, Produces collagen which firms the skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Peptides, Plantain Leaf, and Linseed Extract.

PRICE: $195


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

ABOUT THE BRAND: ALASTIN Skincare is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, with innovative, scientifically proven, and clinically tested products.

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How Do I Use TransForm Body Treatment?

In order to use TransForm Body Treatment, take 2-3 pumps of the cream, and spread it onto the areas of your skin that you specifically want to treat. Massage until it’s absorbed completely. You’ll love the Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment before and after.

TransForm Body Treatment
TransForm Body Treatment Review – ALASTIN Skincare. Image/Dermspotlight

What are the Ingredients in TransForm Body Treatment?

Here are some of the primary active ingredients in Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment.

Peptides – Peptides are amino acids which can encourage more collagen production in the skin. This makes the skin firmer and more elastic and can smooth crepey skin and other signs of aging.

An article published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science examined the role of peptides in preventing and treating aging skin.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Plantain Leaf – In some parts of the world this is a staple food. It’s high in anti-inflammatory properties which reduce skin swelling. It’s also high in antioxidants which repair the skin. Plantain is very effective at treating skin conditions and wounds.

An article in the Journal of Food Science and Technology noted the great antioxidant benefits of plantain leaf.

Linseed Extract – This is from the flax plant. It contains lignans, which have antioxidant properties that help to repair skin damage. It’s also high in anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen swelling on the skin.

A study published in Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine showed that linseed oil was effective in treating wounds.

Are There Clinical Studies of TransForm Body Treatment?

The manufacturer conducted a clinical study of women who used TransForm Body Treatment following a body-sculpting procedure. After 4 weeks, 38% of subjects had a greater volume loss with TransForm Body Treatment. After 8 weeks, 54% of women had a greater volume loss with TransForm Body Treatment. After 12 weeks, 77% of women had a greater volume loss with TransForm Body Treatment.

How Does TransForm Body Treatment Function?

TransForm Body Treatment is rich in several different peptides. These are amino acids which create more collagen. This replaces some of the lost collagen in the skin. It makes the skin firmer and more elastic, which can smooth out cellulite and crepey skin.

An article published in Cosmeceuticals looked at peptides, proteins, and growth factors and their role in cosmetic products.

Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment also contains very hydrating ingredients. The liquid goes under the skin and gives it volume, eliminating abrasions on the skin. In addition, other ingredients improve skin texture. A literature review published in Skin Research and Technology looked at the connection between fluid intake and skin hydration.

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People Also Ask

Q: Can I Use TransForm Body Treatment If I Have Oily Skin?

A: TransForm Body Treatment is suitable for all skin types, including skin that is oily. In fact, it contains hydration which can help wash away some of the oil and dead skin cells in your pores and unclog them.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Q: Does This Product Contain Allergens?

A: TransForm Body Treatment contains mushrooms, which could be an allergen for some people. There are no other common allergens, but if you do have allergies check the ingredient list carefully to make sure TransForm Body Treatment is suitable for you.

Q: Can TransForm Body Treatment Help Me Lose Weight?

A: TransForm Body Treatment is not meant to be a weight-loss product, and the manufacturer does not recommend that you use it as such. It can smooth out crepey skin and perhaps cellulite and wrinkles, but it will not actually help you to burn fat and lose weight.

Q: Is TransForm Body Treatment Cruelty-Free?

A: The manufacturer of this cream does not test any of their products on animals, including TransForm Body Treatment. They want to protect the environment and animal rights.

Q: Can I Use TransForm Body Treatment If I’m Pregnant?

A: There is no specific warning from the manufacturer about pregnant women avoiding TransForm Body Treatment. However, many similar products are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are considering buying the cream, then see your dermatologist first to get approval.

Q: Can I Use TransForm Body Treatment If I’m Not Getting a Body-Sculpting Procedure?

A: Yes, you can use TransForm Body Treatment if you’re not doing a body-sculpting treatment. This is a rich cream with anti-aging properties, and it can help smooth out wrinkles, lines, crepey skin, and cellulite. In addition, it can also improve skin texture.

What Do the TransForm Body Treatment Reviews Say?

The Alastin TransForm Body Treatment reviews were fairly good, but not overwhelming. Just over 60% of users gave this product an excellent review. Most of these customers said that TransForm Body Treatment was very effective at smoothing and firming the skin and getting rid of crepey skin and cellulite. However, other users did not find this cream to be effective.

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How Long Will One Container of TransForm Body Treatment Last?

How long TransForm Body Treatment lasts depends on how much of it you use for each application and how many areas you apply it. If you use the recommended amount of 2 pumps, twice a day, one bottle of TransForm Body Treatment should last for about 3 months.

ALASTIN Skincare TransForm Body Treatment Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
The Organic Pharmacy Anti-Aging Firming Body Cream $320 Guarana, Kigelia, and Green Coffee
Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream $61.32 Jojoba Oil, Microalgae Extract, and Shea Butter
Glytone Slim Design Cellulite Day Cream $44 Caffeine, Hedera Helix Extract, and Salacia Oblonga Root Extract.
Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream $45 Guayusa, Capuacu Butter, and Coconut Oil
InstaNatural Crepe Firming Cream $40 Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Jojoba Oil

Where Can I Buy TransForm Body Treatment and What is the Price?

You can buy TransForm Body Treatment on the manufacturer’s official website, on Amazon, and from a number of other online retailers. The price on the official site is $195. On Amazon, the cost is $191.20.


Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment with Trihex technology is an organic cream which is meant for women who have just gone through a body sculpting procedure. It makes the skin firmer, smoothing out crepey skin and other abrasions and lines on the skin. This product is also for general skin care, for people who just want the anti-aging benefits.

The Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment reviews were quite good on the whole. A large number of reviews said that this product was very effective for them, smoothing and firming the skin and eliminating creepiness. However, there were some users who didn’t feel that they got a lot of benefit from Alastin Skincare TransForm Body Treatment.

Some people may have an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this product. If this occurs, stop using the cellulite cream right away. In addition, before you begin using this product, see a dermatologist, and make sure it suits your skin.

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