What is Lunar Lash?

Lunar Lash is a nourishing night serum that support healthier looking and longer eyelashes. It deploys ingredients like Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid to ensure instant deep lash conditioning.

It also comprises Collagen Peptides and Keratin that work to encourage a visibly thicker and longer fringe with Zero Gravity Stem Cells to give your lashes a new look.

You can comfortably boost your confidence and foster a beautiful look by using this blend of naturally occurring peptides, proteins, and other nurturing ingredients to make your eyelashes longer, stronger, and healthier.

Fast Facts

Lunar Lash

Types: All Skin types
Uses: Targets appearance of short, sparse, or thinning lashes, dull or dehydrated skin and lashes, aging skin around the eyes
Active Ingredients: Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Hyaluronix, Activated Vitamin C
Price: $39
About the Brand: Tru Alchemy is a popular skin care company founded in 2021. Tru Alchemy’s commitment to you is to create products that are safe, clean, and highly effective

What Are the Benefits of Lunar Lash?


  1. It may prevent lash breakage and boost its volume
  2. It claims to support healthier, longer, and fuller eyelashes
  3. The produce may deeply condition the lashes as well as quench the lashes
  4. The product is free of harmful substances


  1. The product is only available online
  2. Compared to other alternative products, this product’s price is a bit higher

What are the Ingredients in Lunar Lash

Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides is one of the active ingredients in Lunar Lash that works from the inside out to nourish the eyelashes.

According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, various ingredients in serums including peptide proteins can inhibit the shedding of lashes while nourishing the eyelash follicles.

The peptides have been found to stimulate the production of keratine, which is crucial when it comes to the hair’s structural protein.


Keratin is a naturally occurring protein with the ability to protect the lashes from tharsh environment. It contains natural strengthening properties that work to enhance the hair’s health and skin.

A research study in the Biotechnology Reports Keratin is a key component of the hair cortex and has been found to contribute to the strengthening of the hair shaft.

Silk Amino Acids

Silk Amino Acid is another active ingredient in this eyelash serum that help in coating the lashes and infusing the cuticle with moisture.

According to the Indian Journal of Biotechnology, Silk Amino Acids can help increase moisture content in cuticles.


Hyaluronix in Lunar Lash serum plays the role of supporting moisture so that you can achieve visible shinier lashes.

A research study in the Dermato Endocrinology Journal shows that Hyaluronix is a key molecule involved in the skin moisturizing process because of its unique capacity to retain water in the skin and hair.

Activated Vitamin C

Activated Vitamin C in Lunar Lash works to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines in the area around the eyes. The Vitamin C in this product is 50x more powerful compared to the traditional formulas.

According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, Vitamin C has multiple benefits. It plays a protective function in hyperpigmentation and photoaging. It stimulates production of collagen and scavenging free radicals to prevent aging symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines.

How Does Lunar Lash Work?

Lunar Lash is a serum developed using powerful and efficient ingredients to help improve the look of your lashes.

It works by penetrating down to the root of the lashes and the skin around that area to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines while creating eyelashes with a thicker, stronger, and healthier look.

By applying the serum every night as instructed, you increase your lashes’ volume and length.

How Should I Apply Lunar Lash?

To use this product, you should first cleanse your face. After the cleansing, apply a thin line of Lunar Lash along the line of your lashes.

For optimal results, you are advised to use it every night before going to sleep.

What is the Return Policy for Lunar Lash?

Lunar Lash is developed with confidence that it will help improve the appearance of your lashes by making them grow thicker, longer, and healthy.

However, the company appreciates that not all customers will be pleased with the results. That is why the product comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

So, if you are among the few customers who may feel that this product does not work, you can return it within 60 days and you will be given a full purchase price refund.

People Also Ask:

Q: How Are the Reviews for Lunar Lash?

A: Reviews for Lunar Lash as posted on the official website are all positive a clear sign that this product is indeed effective.

Previous customers have given positive testimonies about this serum. There is one user who said that Lunar Lash is a real product with evident results.

Another one said that she liked the serum because it is well packaged and does not have a discernible odor. There is also this customer who said that the serum is easy to apply

Other customers said that this serum nourishes the lashes by targeting the root and the skin around the lash creating visible healthier, stronger, and thicker looking-lashes.

Q: Is Lunar Lash Safe to Use?

A: Lunar Lash is a product from Tru Alchemy. The company is known for producing products that are free of harmful substances, making them safe for your use. According to the manufacturer, this serum is free of sulfate, paraben, dry-free, and synthetic fragrance.

Q: Is Lunar Lash Vegan Friendly?

A: Yes, Lunar Lash is Vegan Friendly. The proteins and amino acids occur naturally and are not from animals which makes the product vegan-friendly.

Q: Who is Lunar Lash Designed For?

A: Lunar is a product designed to help people experiencing various lash-related problems improve the look of their lashes. It is, therefore, ideal for use by people with; short and or thinning lashes, sparse lashes, dull or dehydrated lashes and skin, and aging skin around the eyes.

Q: Who Makes Lunar Lash?

A: Lunar Lash is a product made by a company known as Tru Alchemy. The firm specializes in the development of beauty products including skin care and hair products to help people improve their look by fighting anti-aging symptoms.

Q: Where Can I Buy Lunar Lash?

A: Lunar Lash is available for purchase on the product’s official website. You can also get it from other authorized online retail shops. The cost of this serum is $39.00.

Q: Are Lunar Lash Products Cruelty-Free?

A: Yes. According to the manufacturer, this serum is Leaping Banny certified cruelty-free. It does not contain harmful substances that may cause harm to your skin.

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Prominent eyelash is crucial for women because in this modern world, it is considered to be a sign of attractiveness and beauty. There are a number of options today that women are using to improve their eyelash appearance. They range from mascara, pigments, resins, to artificial eyelashes.

Fortunately, Lunar Lash is one of the few eyelash products responsibly formulated and mindfully packaged by a reputable company. The ingredients used to develop the product are also backed by sufficient scientific research, making it to stand out from the rest.

So, if you are on the lookout for a product that can help improve your eyelash appearance, then Lunar Lash is the product for you. Reviews from previous users have shown that this serum is effective and has helped many experiences not just healthy lashes but longer and thicker and healthy eyelashes too.

Where to Buy Lunar Lash?

The product can be bought from the Amazon

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