What Is Glow Serum?

Tru Alchemy Glow Serum is an all-natural skin care product which focuses on eliminating dark spots and hyperpigmentation and providing anti-aging benefits. It helps to exfoliate and replenish the cells, smooth wrinkles and lines, brighten the skin and improve tone and texture. With a natural melon and cucumber scent, it’s one of the top anti-aging serums on the market.

Fast Facts

Glow Serum

Types: All types
Uses: Anti-aging, acne, dark spot removal, hydration, soothing, brightening, cell renewal, balancing skin tone and texture
Active Ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Blend, White Shiitake, Niacinamide, Activated Vitamin C, Bakuchiol, Licorice Root
Price: $39 one time purchase, one bottle
About the Brand: Tru Alchemy is a popular skin care company founded in 2021.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Glow Serum?


  1. Glow Serum helps to eliminate dark spots and brighten the skin.
  2. It helps to smooth wrinkles and lines for a younger appearance.
  3. Tru Alchemy Glow Serum helps even out skin tone.
  4. This serum helps to reduce sun damage.
  5. It helps to replenish the surface cells.


  1. You can’t buy this product in stores.
  2. Some users prefer products without a scent.
  3. High demand sometimes leads to low stock.

What Are the Ingredients in Glow Serum?

Here are some of the primary active ingredients in Tru Alchemy Glow Serum:

Green Tea

This plant is rich in polyphenols which have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and anti-bacterial properties. As discussed in the content of Nu Skin products reviews, it can reduce redness on the skin, unclog pores, and help eliminate acne (1).

An article in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity analyzed the protective mechanisms of green tea polyphenols in the skin (2).

Beta Carotene

This is an organic, orange-colored pigment which can give the skin a natural glow and boost its overall health. It’s high in antioxidants which help repair the skin and protect it from UV rays and photodamage. It also has anti-aging benefits.

An article in the Polish Journal of Cosmetology discussed the role of beta- carotene in skin care (3).

Lactic Acid

This is an alpha-hydroxy acid which increases cell turnover on the skin, as well as getting rid of dead skin cells. It helps make the skin smoother and can fade wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it reduces photodamage (4).

A study in the International Journal of Dermatology found that lactic acid was a potent moisturizer and had antioxidant benefits (5).

How Does Glow Serum Work?

Glow Serum contains ingredients which elevate the amount of collagen in your skin, which makes it tighter and more elastic and smooths out wrinkles and lines. It’s also very hydrating, and it locks in moisture and eliminates dryness. The liquid pumps the skin, which also helps to get rid of fine lines. An article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology discussed the therapeutic potential of moisturizers in the prevention of dry skin (6).

This formula can inhibit the release of melanin, which causes skin pigmentation. This prevents dark spots from forming, and it helps fade existing ones. There are substances which exfoliate the skin and promote cell renewal.

It can have an impact on lightning pigmentation. In addition, Glow Serum helps balance skin tone. An article in Physiological Reviews discussed melanin pigmentation in mammalian skin and its hormonal regulation (7).

Glow Serum contains anti-inflammatory agents which can decrease swelling and redness on the skin, as well as help treat wounds and skin conditions. It’s very high in antioxidants, which eliminate free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This promotes repair of the skin barrier and protection from sun damage.

How Do I Apply Glow Serum?

You should apply Tru Alchemy Vitamin C Glow Serum twice a day, in the morning and evening. Begin your routine by cleansing your skin, and then dry it well. Take some of the product onto your fingers and spread it evenly over your face and neck, or just the areas you want to treat.

Rub it in using a circular motion until it’s absorbed. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry and then apply other products on top as you wish.

What is the Return Policy for Glow Serum?

The manufacturer is offering a 60-day money back guarantee, which is generous and shows they have faith in their product. If the serum doesn’t work for you, contact the company for instructions and then send it back within 60 days of the purchase date. You’ll get a full refund, hassle-free.

Can I Use Glow Serum if I Have Sensitive Skin?

Tru Alchemy Vitamin C Glow Serum is suitable for people who have sensitive skin. It uses 100% pure organic ingredients, with no dyes, fragrance, parabens sulfates, or other potential irritants. It should not lead to a skin reaction and is suitable for all skin types.

How Much is Glow Serum and Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Tru Alchemy Glow Serum on the manufacturer’s website, as well as from a several other online retailers. Here are the prices from the official site:

One-Time Purchase

  • 1 Bottle – $39
  • 2 Bottles – $36
  • 4 Bottles – $33


  • 1 Bottle – $32
  • 2 Bottles – $28
  • 4 Bottles – $26

People Also Ask

Q: How Are the Reviews for Glow Serum?

A: Looking through the numerous Tru Alchemy Glow Serum reviews, it’s clear that this is a popular serum and that many users appreciated its benefits. Customers said it enriched and hydrated their skin, smoothed wrinkles, removed dark sports, and improved skin tone. Many people recommended the product highly as a quality anti-aging serum.

Q: Is Glow Serum Safe to Use?

A: Yes, Tru Alchemy Vitamin C Glow Serum is a very safe serum. It contains all-natural, pure ingredients free of harmful additives like sulfates, parabens, dyes, or fragrance. In addition, the manufacturer is very reputable and produces their products under rigid safety conditions.

Q: Is Glow Serum a Good Brand?

A: According to our in-depth evaluation of this serum, it’s a good brand on every level. Glow Serum uses high-level organic ingredients that are clinically tested, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee, the price is lower than many similar brands, it has no side effects, and the Tru Alchemy Glow Serum review posts indicated that users loved this product.

Q: Who Should Use Glow Serum?

A: Glow Serum is an anti-aging product, meant for users who want to remove wrinkles and lines, fade pigmentation, smooth the skin, and improve tone and texture. It’s ideal for people who are already developing these signs of age. It’s also quite suitable for a younger person who wants to slow the aging process and help prevent future skin damage.

Q: Who Makes Glow Serum?

A: The manufacturer of Glow Serum is a brand new company called Tru Alchemy, founded in 2021. They have their headquarters in Sherman Oaks, California. This is a high-level skin care organization that uses completely organic, clinically-tested ingredients. SKY recently featured this serum in their article “Why the Best Niacinamide Serums Are Skincare Saviors”.

Q: Are Glow Serum Products Cruelty Free?

A: Yes, Tru Alchemy Glow Serum is cruelty-free as this is the policy of the manufacturer. They have a leaping bunny certification from PETA, and don’t test on animals or do business with companies that do.

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Tru Alchemy Glow Serum is an anti-aging skin care brand made by a new company called Tru Alchemy. It promises anti-aging benefits like smooth skin free of wrinkles and lines and the removal of dark spots. This is a reasonably-priced product which is below average for the market, and it included high-level organic ingredients.

There were a number of Tru Alchemy Glow Serum reviews online, and the vast majority of them had very good things to say about this product. Many customers appreciated the gentle scent, and said the serum absorbed quickly. Quite a few people highlighted that they received great anti-aging benefits like a smooth, line free surface and faded dark areas.

This serum is already very popular in the market, and there’s been a positive buzz about the company since they started. Their skin care is safe, and free of harmful agents like parabens, sulfates, dyes, or fragrance. It won’t lead to any type of skin irritation. We’d call this one of the best anti-aging serums of the year.

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Where to Buy Glow Serum?

The product can be bought from the Amazon


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