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Albolene Review: All You Need to Know About This Moisturizing Cleanser

Looking for a safe and effective makeup remover that can condition and hydrate your skin? Read on to know all about Albolene products.
By Dermspotlight Staff,
Updated Apr 7, 2022
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Albolene Cleanser: The Best Moisturizing Remover for Stubborn Makeup

Is that water-repellant smudge-proof mascara and eyeshadow giving you a hard time? Are you looking for an effective yet effortless cleaning routine? One that combines makeup removal and moisturizing?

Then Albolene skincare products should be top of your list. Wondering why? Let’s take a closer look at Albolene’s two most loved products—Moisturizing Cleanser and Eye Makeup remover.

But first a little more about the company.

What is Albolene?

Wondering, “what is Albolene?” Albolene is a crowd-favorite skincare brand that’s over a hundred years old. The potency and effectiveness of Albolene products are the main reasons for this brand’s long-standing and loyal follower base despite being a part of a highly competitive facial skincare market.

Consumers turn to its Moisturizing Cleanser and Albolene Makeup Remover whenever they want a cleanser and moisturizer that helps keep their skin luxuriously soft, hydrated, and healthy.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Albolene products are not just healthy and moisturizing but easy to apply and remove too.

What are the Top Albolene Products?

The two products in Albolene’s skincare range include:

Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser
An effective cleanser, Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser, can combat the most hard-to-remove waterproof and smudge-proof cosmetics. This multi-use product has no fragrance or harsh chemicals and leaves no soap-and-water residue or dryness. Moreover, owing to its high moisturizing content, you can use Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser daily without the fear of leaving your skin dry and dull.

Albolene Eye Makeup Remover
Even the most long-lasting eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance against this superior serum. The Albolene Eye Makeup Remover is gentle and effective—it is odorless and free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and preservatives. It is filled with ingredients that can condition your lids and lashes. It also helps keep the sensitive area around your eyes moisturized and hydrated.

Albolene. Image/Dermspotlight

Albolene Pros and Cons


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Removes dirt and other pore-clogging impurities.
  • Maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels.
  • Completely removes makeup.
  • Leaves no soap-and-water dryness.
  • Helps skin stay soft.
  • Fragrance-free, paraben-free, and preservative-free.
  • Doubles as a moisturizer for extra dry areas.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • Does not sting or burn.


  • Has mineral oil.
  • Not for extremely oily skin.

Albolene Ingredients

If you’re wondering, “what are the ingredients in Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser and Albolene makeup remover?” then here’s a detailed breakdown.

Mineral Oil: Mineral oil works as a skin conditioner, emollient, and a non-irritant that softens and smooths the skin. An excellent emollient and moisturizer, mineral oil ensures your skin remains hydrated by preventing water content from evaporating out of your skin. It achieves this by forming a protective layer on the skin surface. This ingredient also helps sweep away dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin. Compared to other plant oils, mineral oil is also an excellent non-irritant for the skin.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Petrolatum: Petrolatum is a rich moisturizing emollient, a skin-conditioning protectant, and a non-comedogenic agent that prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin’s surface. Petrolatum also heals cracked lips, damaged skin, or severely dry skin patches.

Paraffin: Paraffin is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless wax. It is a natural emollient and a skin conditioner that makes skin supple and soft. It facilitates the penetration of moisturizing ingredients into the skin by opening and unclogging skin pores. It helps retain skin moisture and offers a glowing, youthful radiance to the skin.

Ceresin: This is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon wax that functions as a conditioner and an emulsifier. Ceresin is a derivative of ozokerite, a mineral wax derived from fossils, coal, and shale. It helps maintain the uniformity and consistency of all the other ingredients.

Beta Carotene: Beta carotene, also known as Vitamin A, is a skin conditioning agent and a potent antioxidant that helps maintain skin health and appearance by facilitating cell regeneration in the outer layers.

Jojoba Oil: This is a moisturizing agent full of minerals, vitamins, phospholipids, triglycerides, and tocopherols. Jojoba oil’s antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties help maintain skin health by keeping it soft and hydrated. Jojoba oil also acts as a natural medication for acne, dry skin, and wrinkles.

Albolene Price

Are you wondering, “​​How much is Albolene?” The Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser costs $12.74 for one 6 Oz bottle, while the Albolene Eye Makeup Remover is priced at $26.32 for a 0.85 Oz bottle at Walmart.

Albolene: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where To Buy Albolene?

A: Albolene products are available for purchase on “Amazon. Just key in the phrase Albolene Amazon or Albolene Cream Amazon to find them. If you’re unable to find stock on Amazon, you might ask, “where can I purchase Albolene?” You may check the skincare aisle of your retailer stores like Walmart and Walgreen.

Q: How To Use Albolene Cleanser?

A: Add a dab of Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser to cotton, tissue, or cloth and gently massage the area you want to clean.

If you’ve been unable to find answers to “how does Albolene work?” here’s the science behind this unique formula. Since the Moisturizing Cleanser dissolves upon contact with your skin, it lifts and removes dirt, makeup, and other environmental residues.

Q: What About Albolene Cream Weight Loss Benefits?

A: Going by the several online claims, if you’re wondering, “does Albolene help with belly fat?” then the answer is no. The product is formulated to remove makeup and moisturize. It does not work on fat cells.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Q: Can I Use Albolene as A Moisturizer?

A: Yes, you can use Albolene lotion as a moisturizer since it contains all the ingredients usually present in a moisturizer.

Q: Should I Wash my Face After Using Albolene?

A: You don’t need to. Albolene is the only product you need to remove makeup. Since it doubles as a moisturizer, you do not need to wash your face after cleaning with Albolene.

Q: Does Albolene Work?

A: Going by the Albolene cream reviews and the loyal customer base, it’s safe to say that Albolene products work efficiently.

Albolene: Safety, Side Effects, and Benefits


Albolene products are full of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients that are safe for everyone.

Albolene Side Effects

According to several Albolene reviews, the products are safe for use and cause no side effects like itching and redness. However, if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients, it’s best not to use the product.

Albolene Benefits

  • Works as an effective makeup remover.
  • Can be used as a moisturizer whenever needed.
  • You don’t need soap or water to get rid of dirt and makeup.
  • Hydrates and softens the skin.
  • Works for dry to regular skin types.


If you’re looking for a moisturizing cleanser and a makeup remover that can get rid of even the toughest waterproof makeup and environmental dirt, then Albolene products can be your best bet. Having been in the skincare industry for decades, they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, their products are gentle on the skin and leave it looking healthy and glowing after application.

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