What is Earth to Skin?

Earth to Skin is a beauty centered brand that develops skincare products exclusively sold at major online retailer shops, some go for as low as $10. The brand develops clean products that do not contain petrolatum, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, phthalates, or sulfates.

Although Earth to Skin believes it is a clean brand, it does use synthetic ingredients that contain dyes and blends that may irritate sensitive skin. The article discusses the brand’s bestselling products, their key ingredients, and testimonials from customers who have used the products.

Fast Facts

Earth to Skin

Top Selling Products Super Greens Cleanser, Honey Manuka Calming Face Cleanser, Super Fruits Brightening Citrus Day Cream, Tea Time Anti-Aging Night Serum, Super Fruits Banana Brightening Eye Cream
Best for: Reducing dark circles, skin moisturizing, skin cleansing, diminishing shouty wrinkles, brightening the skin
Key Ingredients Honey, glycerin, hydrophilic end and lipophilic end
Price Range $2 – $12
Earth to Skin
Earth to Skin. Image/Dermspotlight

What Are The Best Selling Earth to Skin Skin Care Products?

1. Super Greens Cleanser

Earth to Skin Super Greens Cleanser is the brand’s most popular product. The cleanser contains surfactants like lauramidopropyl betaine and coca-glucoside as its main ingredients. It also includes cucumber, broccoli, and kale extracts. However, it is not certain whether these extracts can provide any benefits to the skin since you rinse it off. Finally, the cleanser contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and glycerine.

2. Tea Time Anti-Aging Night Serum

The Anti-Aging Night cream helps firm and tighten the skin while keeping it hydrated. You will find edelweiss, vitamin E, jojoba oil, squalene, glycerin, black tea, and olive oil as key ingredients in the serum.

3. Super Fruits Brightening Citrus Day Cream

The Earth to Skin Super Fruits Brightening Citrus Day Cream is a gel-like, light cream that helps brighten the skin, retain and replenish moisture throughout the day. The cream contains lemon peel oil, glycerin, vitamin C, and squalene as the key ingredients. The product contains lemon peel oil, but it does not include sunscreen. Lemon peel oil contains chemicals that can irritate the skin when exposed to sunlight. Consider applying sunscreen with SPF 30 after using the product.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4. Super Fruits Banana Brightening Eye Cream

The eye cream claims to reduce signs of aging on the skin around the eye, while reducing dark circles at the same time. The few eye ingredients in this Brightening Eye Cream include banana extract, shea butter, mango extract, and squalene.

5. Honey Manuka Calming Face Cleanser

Earth to Skin Honey Manuka Calming Face Cleanser is the last best-selling product. The cleanser contains surfactants as its key ingredients to help wash away oil, dirt, makeup, and other impurities from the skin. Honey Manuka cleanser contains glycerin and honey that attracts moisture to the skin after washing it.

How Does Product Rate?

Feature Rating Comments
Safety 8 /10 Lab confirmed ingredients, covered by return policy, pet and animal friendly, safe for vegetarians
Performance 7.5 / 10 Depends with the specific product you use, Results vary from one user to another
Average customer ratings 4 /5 stars Has customer reviews on different retailer websites

What Are The Best Selling Earth to Skin Skin Care Products?


Glycerin is a great skincare ingredient present in many beauty and skincare products. Glycerin helps the skin retain and replenish moisture. The humectant increases skin hydration, refreshes skin surface, relieves dryness, and softens skin. Glycerin has antimicrobial properties that can help relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

A publication in the National Library of Medicine reveals that glycerol plays a role in cutaneous elasticity, skin hydration, and epidermal barrier repair. Glycerin also helps protect the skin against irritation and enhance the wound healing process.


Many beauty products on the market today, including after sun creams, lip ointments, and lotions contain honey. Honey has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight skin infections and conditions like acne and psoriasis. Honey can also help improve the skin’s appearance by preventing the formation of wrinkles.

The Asian Journal of Global Health claims that Manuka honey speeds up the wound-healing process and help in the treatment of skin infections. The research further reveals that honey can improve the skin’s immunity.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


A surfactant is a molecule that contains a hydrophilic end and a lipophilic end. The ends can attract and suspend dirt, impurities, and oils from the skin and wash them away.

A research study in the Dermatology Research and Practice journals claims that surfactants consist of a hydrophilic polar head and a non-polar lipophilic tail that remove oil and impurities from the skin. Research supports that new facial cleansers contain surfactants.


Q: Where is Earth to Skin Sold?

A: Earth to Skin skincare products are not available for purchase on the official website. You can make your purchases at Walmart.com or any other Walmart physical stores.

Q: Does Earth to Skin Have a Return Policy?

A: Since Earth to Skin skincare products are not sold on the official website, you cannot return the product. Earth to Skin does not have a return policy. If you want to return a product, you can refer to Walmart’s return policy.

Q: Is Earth to Skin Cruelty Free?

A: Yes, Earth to Skin is 100% cruelty free as they do not test their products on animals

Q: What Are Some Alternatives to Earth to Skin?

A: We do not fully recommend Earth to Skin products since the brand claims to be clean, yet they use synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to the skin. We would recommend No B.S. Skincare, a brand that uses powerful ingredients and does not include chemicals that may harm the skin. No B.S. products promote youthful-looking and healthy skin.

Another good skincare brand is Beverly Hills MD. The brand balances the power of natural ingredients with clinical research and trials. Beverly Hills MD products are good for your health and the environment as it does not contain harmful chemicals as in other skincare formulas.

Q: How Does Earth to Skin Compare with Other Brands?

A: Unlike other skincare brands, Earth to Skin products is not sold on their official website. Therefore, the brand does not have a return policy and customers remain stuck with a product that does not satisfy them. However, you may refer to the return policy of the place to buy it from. Earth to Skin is cruelty-free, and they do not use animals to test their products, like Dr. Jart, Dr. Barbara Sturm Beauty brand.

Q: What Do the Customer’s Think of Earth to Skin Products?

A: The ratings of the brand on Walmart are generally positive, with most products receiving between four to five-star ratings. Testimonials for the Earth to Skin Super Greens Cleanser are positive with many customers claiming that the product helped skin and moisturize the skin.

One reviewer said “Not only does this face cleanser smell amazing but it is very refreshing to the skin. It doesn’t really lather like a typical cleanser but is more like the lather of a soap. But it still does a very good job of cleansing the skin as well as moisturizing it. I am very pleased with this cleanser. I actually purchased it online at Walmart.com because they had a buy one gets one free sale for this line. This is the first time I have ever tried this line but I am very impressed by how well it works. This line rivals some of the pricier products out there.”


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

However, the product has also received some negative reactions from some customers.


Earth to Skin is a brand that develops products that improve the appearance of the skin over time. These revolutionary products work to firm and tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and pores, reduce puffiness, and enhance radiance throughout the day and night. Every individual is unique and the results will not be the same for everyone.

Also, another detail that may not impress some users is the idea that the brand uses ingredients with synthetic fragrances that are possibly cancer-causing agents. Earth to Skin also uses synthetic dyes in their anti-aging products. The brand claims to use clean ingredients, yet they make their products using chemicals that may affect skin health.

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