What Is Plenity?

Praised as a ‘miracle solution,’ Plenity is an FDA-approved weight loss supplement that has recently become quite popular.

Plenity is a non-habit-forming, stimulant-free prescription weight-loss dietary supplement.

Plenity’s manufacturers claim that their product helps the body lose weight by enhancing satiety. To put it another way, it makes you feel full even if you only eat a small amount of food.

The supplement is in a pill form that claims to help you lose weight without dieting or exercising and is classified as a medical device because it does not enter your bloodstream. It works in a similar way to weight loss surgery in that it fills sections of your stomach.

Plenity does not provide individualized mentoring during your journey. Still, it does provide access to a private online Facebook group where you can engage with other Plenity users. You’ll also have access to expert-created content.

Fast Facts


Best For Suitable for obese or overweight men and women
Uses Supports weight loss and curbs appetite and hunger.
Active Ingredients Citric acid and cellulose
Price $98
About Brand The company is aims to support weight management in adults with excess BMI and promote a healthy weight loss.

The Company behind the Manufacture of Plenity

Yishai Zolar started Gelesis, a private biotechnology company, in 2006. This firm specializes in providing obesity-related medical devices and treatments.

Plenity was manufactured as a response to the United States rising, or expanding, weight problem.


Plenity. Image/Dermspotlight

How Does Plenity Work?

Plenity is meant to help you manage your weight and lose weight more quickly by providing appetite support.

Plenity supports weight loss by making people feel satisfied and full, causing them to consume less food. This occurs because the all-natural substances build a three-dimensional matrix in the stomach that takes up space.

The supplement is designed to target the gastrointestinal tract and help you feel fuller when taken before meals. It’s classified as non-systemic, implying it only affects the gastrointestinal system rather than the entire body.

Features It contains a blend of two active ingredients.
Form Pills
Benefits Supports weight loss; Targets the gastrointestinal tract; Helps reduce calories intake
Ingredients Citric acid and cellulose
Type Dietary supplement

Plenity Ingredients

Plenitude is made up of only two active ingredients: Citric acid and cellulose.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a naturally occurring organic acid found in citrus fruits that are used in a variety of treatments and beverages. It’s commonly found in weight-loss products to aid fat burning and boost metabolism.

It’s also renowned for increasing the bioavailability of minerals, allowing your body to absorb nutrients more effectively, which can help you get the most out of every meal if you consume a more nutritional diet.

However, there is a scarcity of evidence associating citric acid with weight loss.


Cellulose is an organic substance that gives plants’ cell walls structure. It’s a polysaccharide made up of several chains of glucose monomers that are found in plant cell walls.

Because cellulose is indigestible, it is classed as dietary fiber or indigestible carbohydrate.

Cellulose can also help you feel satisfied and full. In reality, cellulose is frequently utilized as a filler in many diet products to help people feel full without adding extra calories.

Other active ingredients in this weight loss supplement include titanium dioxide, gelatin, and sodium stearyl fumarate.

How Does Plenity Rate?

Feature Rating Comment
Performance 8/10 Plenity claims that their product increases satiety, which helps the body lose weight.
Safety 8/10 Users may experience bloating, abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea
Use 10/10 Primarily suitable for men and women

Pros and Cons of Plenity


  1. Due to its propensity to produce a feeling of satiety, it reduces excessive food consumption when administered.
  2. The product could help you lose weight dramatically.
  3. It is an FDA-approved and certified safe product.
  4. There are very few side effects.
  5. Weight loss effects have been scientifically proven.
  6. Plenity before and after photos may reveal some positive outcomes.
  7. The product can be purchased by prescription only


  1. When compared to other weight loss products, the price is quite high.
  2. Not suitable for some people in certain populations
  3. Only available through online conference prescription at this time.
  4. Only accessible in the United States, with the exception of Virginia.
  5. No money-back returns
  6. Side effects include bloating, constipation, excessive gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, feeling dehydrated, and gaining weight

Where to Buy Plenity Weight Loss

Plenity is available for purchase on a prescription basis; because of this, you cannot purchase Plenity online. The official website offers to connect you with a healthcare provider for an evaluation and, if necessary, treatment. Roman, a telehealth firm, is the only place where you can get Plenity. It is not sold at traditional pharmacies.

Plenity Side Effects

According to studies, Plenity users were more likely to experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, and stomach pain.

Aside from that, no other adverse effects have been observed.

What Sets Plenity Apart from Its Competitors

Plenity has few adverse effects and a superior safety profile compared to other weight-loss drugs. Based on the existing studies, Plenity appears to be the safest prescription weight reduction treatment.

This could be due to the fact that the product was designed as a device rather than a drug and hence is not absorbed in the same manner that pharmaceutical medications are.

Plenity Alternatives

Brand Cost Range Ingredients
PhenQ Meal Shake $69.95 Capsicum Extract, Caffeine, Vitamin B3, Piperine, Chromium Picolinate, Nopal, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Calcium Carbonate, and α-Lacys Reset.
Balance of Nature $69.95 31 Fruits and Vegetables, Flaxseed, Cinnamon Bark, Psyllium, Mustard Seed, Nutmeg, Ginger Fennel, Turmeric
Active-PK $89.95 Berberine HCL, Quercetin Dihydrate
Bio X4 $99.00 Green Tea Extract, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic Powder, and more

Plenity Reviews – What People Say About Plenity

Plenity has received a lot of positive feedback. There are a few unfavorable Plenity reviews, as with every product. Mild abdominal pain due to constipation and feelings of hunger later in the day were the most common complaints.

Here are some Plenity weight loss reviews

“It wasn’t restricting in any way.” I could continue to consume the same foods as my family while still losing weight.”

Plenity causes me to eat less during meals. “You know, I don’t truly need that,” I may say when I look at that half of a sandwich.

“I discovered that I need to drink 30 ounces of warm water and wait 30-45 minutes for effect. I’ve never had a problem with gas, diarrhea, or being detained. One thing I like about the pills is that I haven’t binged at night since I started taking them, which makes me extremely pleased.”

Plenity Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is Plenity effective for weight loss?

A: Yes, it very certainly is. There’s no doubt about that. Plenity is a potential weight-reduction choice if you are obese, unable to exercise or have an eating disorder in which calorie restriction is required for weight loss.

Q: When Will I Begin to See Results?

A: Many people will start to lose weight after four weeks of constant use, according to Plenity’s website.

Q: Is Plenity Worth It?

A: Plenity is an excellent supplement to start with if you’re seeking a way to lose weight quickly.

Q: Who Can Use Plenity?

A: Plenity is recommended for persons over the age of 18 who are overweight. Your doctor or Plenity will then prescribe the supplement to you.

Q: How Much Does Plenity Cost?

A: For a month’s supply of Plenity, the price is $98.

Q: Does Plenity offer a Return Policy?

A: Plenity cannot be returned or resold because it is a prescription medication.


Plenity is a wonderful weight loss pill that can assist you in losing weight. It’s a prescription medication. This implies you must first obtain it from your doctor and then take it regularly.

The results you get from Plenity will vary depending on how serious you are about it. To keep your weight off and avoid any weight gain, you’ll need to alter your diet and exercise routine after taking any weight reduction product.

So is this product worth the hype? Yes, it is.

If you are unable to use this product for some other reason, be assured that there are other weight loss supplements in the market that may match your needs, such as MCT Wellness. You can also check out MCT Wellness Review to see if it is worth buying for weight loss.

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