What is PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a powerful and unique formula that combines many weight loss pills into one and helps you get your ideal body quickly and easily.

The weight loss supplement helps burn stored body fat, block fat production, suppress your appetite, increase your energy levels, and improve your mood.

While PhenQ Meal Shake may have a lot to offer, it is important that users know weight loss is a journey that requires dedication to using such a product, as well as the willingness to accommodate exercise and good diet.

Market Details For Complete Meal Shake

PhenQ has not been on the market for many years compared to other weight loss supplements. However, in the few years of its existence, the dietary supplement has helped more than 190 thousand individuals achieve their ideal body. The formula is manufactured in the United States and the United Kingdom under GMP-Certified and government-approved facilities.

Fast Facts

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

Best For Weight Loss
Uses Absorption of excess fat, Helps accelerate metabolism,
Active Ingredients Gluten-Free Oat Flour, Carb10, Whey Protein Concentrate, Vegetarian Micronutrient Blend, Flaxseed Powder, Digezyme Enzyme Complex
Price $64.99
Where to Buy: Official Website

The Pros and Cons of Taking Complete Meal Shake


  1. Work as dietary supplements that supports healthy metabolism
  2. Consuming the supplements with water reduces food cravings
  3. Meal Shake helps boost your energy levels throughout the day
  4. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake reduces your appetite and food cravings
  5. It helps increase the body’s fat-burning process
  6. Offers nutritional benefits and helps improve your mood and mental clarity.


  1. The results may vary depending on how one responds to this product
  2. It is not as popular as it appears

Who Should Use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

If you are constantly worrying about your body weight and feeling hungry, PhenQ Complete Meal shake is the ideal product for you. PhenQ contains active ingredients including capsimax, nopal, caffeine, and chromium that help boost the body’s metabolism, burn excess body fat, reduce food cravings, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, and increase thermogenesis. To boost the metabolism you can also try out the MCT Wellness as it helps in burning fat as well as gives you more energy.

Individuals struggling with an exercise program and changes in diet to help in weight management should also try PhenQ. People with belly fat and love handles can also try this dietary supplement.

Check the Official Website to Purchase this Product.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Ingredients – Are they Effective?

Capsimax Powder

As explained in PhenQ Reviews, Capsimax is a food extract from red chilies that help in weight management without causing stomach discomfort. Caffeine, piperine, capsicum, and niacin (vitamin B3) make up the capsimax powder. Capsicum pepper and piperine (black pepper) have high thermogenic properties that help you burn body fat by increasing heat production. Piperine also blocks the body’s ability to produce fat.

In a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled exploratory study, 75 individuals, both male and female, were given capsaicinoids for 12 weeks. The results showed that capsaicinoids helped increase the body’s metabolism, reduce body fat, and body mass in the individuals. An article in the Bioscience Reports also reveals that capsaicin helps reduce body weight, prevent and treat obesity.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is an essential mineral you can get in vegetables, meat, and whole grains. Chromium helps curb your carbs and sugar cravings by helping the body regulate blood sugar levels as mentioned in our Primal Plants Reviews article. After eating foods containing sugar, the body absorbs it and converts it to energy. By doing so, you will not crave sugar because your cells already have enough of it.

According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, chromium Picolinate aids in weight management, reduction of body fat, and regulation of blood pressure.


Many weight loss supplements and energy drinks contain caffeine because it is a stimulant that increases alertness, mental focus, and reduces fatigue. Caffeine can also help increase the body’s fat-burning process, reduce food cravings, increase thermogenesis, and improve performance during workout routines. Caffeine can also increase your metabolic rate to help you burn excess fat.

A research study in the National Library of Medicine reveals that caffeine intake promotes weight loss, reduces body mass, and promotes body fat reduction.


Nopal contains high fiber content that helps regulate food cravings and reduce excess body fat by helping the body burn it. Nopal also contains amino acids that help increase the body’s energy levels. It can also help reduce the weight caused by fluid retention by flushing out fluids from body tissues.

According to the Current Therapeutic Research journal, cactus fiber promotes fecal fat excretion in adults. Nopal, cactus fiber, helps reduce body weight as it binds to dietary fat and increases its excretion. The process reduces absorption of dietary fat and helps in weight management.

How Does PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Work?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake ingredients boost metabolism, increase the fat-burning process, and increase thermogenesis to give you a slimmer body. The ingredients in the product also help prevent the production of body fat.

Meal Shake also suppresses your appetite, making you eat fewer sugars and calories. Since the product reduces food cravings, it also helps boost your energy levels throughout the day, and you will not feel exhausted. The dietary supplement also works to improve your mood and increase your mental clarity.

People Also Ask

Q: What Is PhenQ Complete Meal Shake’s User Directions?

A: The company recommends that you take one pill during breakfast and another pill during lunch hour. Taking PhenQ after 3 pm since it may interrupt your sleeping patterns. Individuals sensitive to caffeine should reduce their coffee intake while using PhenQ Meal Shake.

Q: How Much Weight Can I Lose with PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

A: Since every individual is unique, you may experience results differently. On the official website, some reviewers lost 44lbs in 3 months, others lost 11 lbs in one month, others lost 14lbs in 9 weeks, and others lost 20 lbs in 3 months.

Q: What Do PhenQ Meal Shake Reviews Say?

A: PhenQ reviewers are happy with the product and claim that it helps them reduce body weight, burn belly fat, and reduce love handles. Consistent use of the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake dietary supplement allows you to achieve more dramatic results than otherwise.

Q: Does PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Cause Side Effects?

A: The dietary supplement contains only natural ingredients and no one has reported any side effects of using the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake yet.

Q: Who Sells PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

A: You can purchase PhenQ Complete Meal Shake dietary supplement from the official website or other authorized online retailers.

Q: What is the Price of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

A: One bottle costs $69.95. You can also purchase Meal Shake two bottles at $139.90 and get one bottle free. For buy three bottles at $ 189.95, you get two bottles and advana cleanse free. All offers are inclusive of free shipping.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Review – Conclusion

Complete Meal Shake is an all-natural dietary supplement that claims to aid in the weight loss journey.

It does so by preventing the absorption of excess fat into the bloodstream and suppressing your appetite. The excess fat is broken down to boost energy levels in the body. You can checkout the Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake which offers the same benefits.

The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake formula is backed by clinical research, and it helps accelerate metabolism allowing you to burn stubborn body fat. A boost in metabolism also increases thermogenesis, the body’s ability to produce heat and burn more calories.

If you are looking for a supplement that improves daily energy and enhance metabolism, you can checkout Gundry Energy Renew Reviews.

Where to Buy PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

The product can be bought from the official website


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