What is SculptMedix?

SculptMedix is supposedly a premium skincare product that aims to help tackle various skin aging symptoms.

The serum purports to contain a unique formula that can help rejuvenate your skin to give it a radiant and youthful look. It may prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines by making your skin firm and elastic.

In precise, it is formulated using a combination of safe ingredients and natural extract to guarantee quality results. These work on your skin by minimizing and preventing the skin from sagging.

Fast Facts


Best For: All skin types.
Uses: It helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines by making your skin firm and elastic.
Active Ingredients: Glycerin, Olingopetide – 1, Chicory, Phospholipids, Phenoxyethanol
Price: $80
About The Brand: SculptMedix by DermalMedix is a face and neck skin cream by Dr. Watts. To give skin a firmer, more sculpted look.

How Does SculptMedix Work?

SculptMedix is a skincare product skillfully designed to help speed up your skin-rejuvenating power. With this anti-wrinkle serum, you will be able to help your skin undergo self-repair. The topical application of this serum works on sagged skin, wrinkles, and fine lines to give your skin a smooth, radiant, and firm look. Regular use of this product can help you gain back your skin elasticity. It contains hyaluronic acid and chicory root sugar known for their effect of tightening the sagged skin.

SculptMedix by DermalMedix Review. Image Dermspotlight

What are the Ingredients in SculptMedix?


This ingredient is used in the cosmetic industry to develop skincare products. It also claims to have a hydrating effect. According to Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, topical application of glycerin has left your skin hydrated. It also has a skin barrier function.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Olingopetide – 1

According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, topical application of Olingopetide – 1 has significant improvement in the skin. It hydrates the skin, makes it firm and elastic hence improving facial skin appearance.


This ingredient is also a common component in skincare products. It purports to address various health conditions including inflammatory. According to Ancient Science of Life, Chicory roots contain anti-inflammatory activity and can be used to prevent antioxidant effects and free radical scavenging activity.


It is a potent ingredient with the ability to protect the skin from losing moisture. According to the Journal of Dermatological Science, Phospholipids improves dry skin condition and improves skin barrier function.


This ingredient is used to develop skincare products. It purports to help lock moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated all day long. According to Pharmaceutics, this ingredient has been found to have a lasting hydration effect on the skin and can also act as a skin barrier function.

What Are the Pros and Cons of SculptMedix?


  1. It claims to help improve skin elasticity to keep the skin firm
  2. The product also claims to prevent your skin from sagging
  3. You may find the product to hydrate and smoothen your skin
  4. The product claims to be developed using advanced technology


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


  1. It is only available online
  2. Users may get varied results depending on ones skin
  3. The product has no trial
  4. Seems a bit pricy

How Should I Apply SculptMedix?

If you have just gotten yourself a jar of this product, it is recommended that you apply a quarter of the amount on your face, the area around your neck, and chest. You should then rub the serum gently in an upward motion until it is absorbed into your skin. For optimal results, it is advisable that you use the product regularly.

How Much Does SculptMedix Cost

  • 1 JAR – $80.00
  • 2 JAR – $144.00 (Save $16 | Free S&H)
  • 3 JAR – $204.00 (Save $36 | Free S&H)

What is the Return Policy for SculptMedix?

The manufacturer of this product appreciates that people may have a different opinion regarding the product or the experience with the product may not be the same. Some may like the product and some may find it not to satisfy their skincare needs. It is the reason why SculptMedix has a 90-days money-back guarantee.

So, if you happen to be among the few people who for some reason may want to return their order, you can do so within 90 days from the date of receiving the item and you will be refunded your money without any question.

People Also Ask

Q: How Are the Reviews for SculptMedix?

A: This product has been fairly reviewed and is an indication that it does what it claims to do. So far, there are only good testimonials about the product from previous users. They claim that the product has been able to rejuvenate their skin making it smooth, firm, radiant with a youthful look.

Q: Is SculptMedix Safe to Use?

A: SculptMedix claims to be made using safe ingredients and natural plant extracts not just to guarantee skin safety, but also to ensure efficiency. However, taking time to study all the ingredients used to manufacture this product will help you know if there is any ingredient that may cause harm to your skin. And if you are not sure about a certain ingredient, you can consult with your physician.

Q: Is SculptMedixVegan Friendly?

A: According to the manufacturer, the product has been developed using safe ingredients plus natural extracts. So, there is likely that the product is vegan friendly. However, you may need to seek the second opinion of your physician to ascertain if this product is vegan friendly or not.

Q: Who is SculptMedix Designed For?

A: The product is meant for people who are experiencing skin aging symptoms such as skin sagging, the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. This product claims to contain a unique formula to specifically address such skin concerns.

Q: Who Makes SculptMedix?

A: The product has been made by a company known as DermalMedix whose founder is a renowned certified plastic surgeon and scientific researcher Dr. David Watts M.D.

Q: Where Can I Buy SculptMedix?

A: SculptMedix is available for purchase from the brand’s official website.

Q: Are Product SculptMedix Cruelty-Free?

A: According to the manufacturer this product has been manufactured using safe natural extracts and ingredients that are also well researched to ensure that it is safe and cruelty-free on your skin. However, if you have any skin concerns, it is recommended that you take time to study the ingredient list before you can begin using the product. Also, we highly recommend that you talk to your dermatologist before trying out the product.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


SculptMedix claims to be developed using advanced technology. As such it targets to help improve the elasticity of the skin while keeping it firm and also prevent from sagging. It may also hydrate and smooth the skin. It is designed to re-sculpt your face and remove age spots, acne scars, sunspots and freckles.

There are plenty of skin care products in the market today the reason why you need to be careful is that it is easy to get hold of a fake product. Many of them promise to give you instant results but that is usually not the case. SculptMedix is one of the few quality products that one may try. It has a unique formula to help you address your skin conditions almost instantly.

However, like with many other antiaging support formulas, there is a chance that two people using this particular product will not get the same exact results.

Besides, the results may not be well noticeable at fast and so a notable period of using the product as direct would be necessary to be able to judge it.

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