What does hyaluronic acid do to your skin?

If you’re getting to that age where wrinkles and fine lines are starting to appear on your skin, you may want to hear about the use of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics. This substance has some amazing anti-aging properties, and it’s a very effective moisturizer.

In addition to skincare, this acid also has medicinal benefits. Accordingly, it’s used frequently to treat arthritis. It can provide moisture to the joints and improve flexibility. It’s very effective at healing wounds, and it can strengthen the immune system. (1)

Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient in skin products of all types like Jeunesse Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum, IMAGE Skincare Products, SiO Beauty’s Super LipLift, and La Mer Skin Care. There are many hyaluronic acids uses in cosmetics. It’s included in the best wrinkle creams and serums, supplements, and fillers which a technician injects into your skin. Look for the hyaluronic acid cosmetic grade. It’s most notable property as a skincare ingredient is its ability to retain a huge amount of moisture which enriches the skin.

What’s Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that is found naturally in various parts of our body, but mostly in the skin. It has the ability to hold a tremendous amount of liquid, about a thousand times its own weight.

As a result, this hydration gives the skin more volume, which can smooth out wrinkles and lines on the face. It’s also a suburb moisturizer which leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Hyaluronic acid helps to treat wounds and repair damage to the tissue. Fixing skin that’s in need of aid can eliminate some of the signs of aging. (1)

hyaluronic acid
A drop of hyaluronic acid, an innovative formula. (Image/Dermspotlight)

How Hyaluronic Acid Works

Hyaluronic acid can induce the production of collagen in the skin, replacing what has diminished over the years. This makes the skin firmer and more elastic and can reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines by smoothing them out. Hyaluronic acid cosmetics have anti-aging benefits. This is a key function of hyaluronic acid in various cosmetics and skincare brands.

This molecule holds a huge amount of hydration, and this extra liquid is under the skin, lifting it and giving it volume. Consequently, this gets rid of the lines and other signs of age. It has the ability to activate anti-inflammatory cells, which can diminish puffy skin and strengthen the immune system. These cells travel to wounds or tissue damage to help repair the area. (2)

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How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin

The hyaluronic serum is very enriching for the skin. It can eliminate signs of aging like under eye wrinkles, expression lines, acne scars, and prevent crow’s feet. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help to heal wounds. This substance can get rid of oily skin by using moisture to wash it away. As such, it’s a good treatment for acne.

This substance is very effective at tissue repair and regeneration, which can help remove some of the signs of aging. It also has antioxidant properties which enhance your general immunity. (3) It deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. As such, it gives it an overall younger appearance and a radiant look. Hence, it is a commonly used ingredient in face moisturizers for men and women.

Hyaluronic Acid Products

Injections – Hyaluronic cosmetic injections are in gel form, and they are inserted deep into the dermal layers of your skin. This process smooths out wrinkles, fine lines, sunken under-eye bags area and other signs of age. It’s not a permanent procedure; it lasts for a year.

Serum – There are many hyaluronic acid serums that are very liquid and are meant to be rubbed into your skin and absorbed, providing anti-aging and other benefits. There are numerous hyaluronic acid cosmetics brands such as Clinique Serum, Advanced Dermatology, No. 7 Serum, Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford and Nerium Products.

Cream – It is usually included as an ingredient in cream which has multiple substances such as Perricone MD Skin Care Products, Obagi Products, Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream, The Ordinary Skin Care Cream, Instantly Ageless Cream. It moisturizes and has anti-aging properties, helping to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Makeup – You may also find some hyaluronic acid in makeup. This assures that it doesn’t go onto your skin completely dry.

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People Also Ask

Q: Who should use hyaluronic acid?

A: Anyone who wants to improve skin health should use this substance. In particular, people who are looking for anti-aging benefits, have acne or oily skin, or who suffer from dryness. It’s also effective at treating cuts and other small wounds.

Q: Will hyaluronic cream help wrinkles?

A: Yes, it certainly will. The moisture helps to give your skin volume, which smooths out wrinkles and other expression lines. It also has the ability to repair damage to the skin, which also helps eliminate wrinkles

Q: Are hyaluronic acid fillers safe?

A: Hyaluronic cosmetic injections are safe for the most part. Fillers don’t have very many long-term side effects. However, in the short term, people have experienced reactions, bruising, and other skin problems due to these injections.

Q: Can hyaluronic acid dry your skin?

A: Generally speaking, it is one of the most hydrating substances in existence. However, there are some situations where it can, in fact, dry out your skin. If it’s an extremely dry day because of low humidity, the substance could draw liquid out of the deepest skin layers leading to dryness.

Q: Can hyaluronic serum cause a rash?

A: It usually does not cause a rash when used in the form of a cream or serum, unless you have an allergy. However, people with highly sensitive skin could have a problem. With injections, people sometimes notice bruising or skin irritation afterward.

Q: Is hyaluronic acid safe in cosmetics?

A: Yes, this substance is quite safe to use in cosmetics. It’s mild and doesn’t often lead to a rash or reaction unless you’re specifically allergic to it. The role of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics is very positive on the whole.

Q: What are the side effects of hyaluronic acid?

A: People who receive hyaluronic acid injections may experience the following side effects, which should clear up within a week: pain, facial redness, itching, swelling, and bruising.

Q: Can you use it everyday?

A: Yes, you can use it twice a day as long as you’re applying it to clean, damp skin, then locking it in with a moisturizer and facial oil. “If you put hyaluronic acid on top of sunscreen or a moisturizer, it’s not going to work,” Dr. Talakoub says.

Useful Suggestions for Using Hyaluronic Acid

If you want to make sure you’re using hyaluronic acid in the best and most effective way, here are some helpful suggestions.

  • Make sure your skin is slightly wet when you apply the product because damp skin is better at absorption. Try using it after you’ve just stepped out of the shower or have splashed some water on your face.
  • Apply an oil or moisturizer on top of the hyaluronic acid serum because it seals the moisture in properly. If you don’t do this, dry air could extract the moisture from your skin. Therefore, you lose the benefits of the product. You can also use a hyaluronic serum with makeup.
  • You can’t apply it to your skin endlessly. Take note of the amount the manufacturer recommends and stick to that. If you overdo it, the solution could lead to a skin reaction. It could even end up drying out your skin because the additional mix delves deep into your skin layers and takes moisture from there. Stay at the right dosage to experience the hyaluronic acid cosmetic benefits.
  • Although this isn’t an overly allergic substance, some people do have a skin reaction to it. Before you use it for the first time, do a patch test. Put some on a small area of skin and wait a few hours to see if there’s any reaction. If your skin looks fine, go ahead and use the product.

The Final Word

Hyaluronic acid is a rich organic substance that exists all over the body, but most particularly in the skin. It has amazing properties for healing and treating the skin, including wounds. This sugar molecule can diminish some of the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, dark eye circles, deeply moisturize, get rid of oily skin, treat acne, and repair damage to the tissue.

Young people already have enough of this substance in their skin, but with time the amount diminishes. That’s why using a hyaluronic product is a good idea as you age, so you can keep your skin as fresh and young-looking as ever. Consequently, this is one of the products we recommend most highly as part of your skin regimen. Consider using one of the hyaluronic acid cosmetic brands.

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Dr. Mary Beth Parisi, MD

By Dr. Mary Beth Parisi, MD

Dr. MaryBeth Parisi is a board-certified Harvard trained Dermatologist. She has over 18 years of experience in the field of skin care.


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