What Is Nerium?

Nerium is a company that produces products for the body, including anti-aging skincare lines. Their line includes a Nerium face cream for the day, a Nerium age-defying night cream, face wash, Nerium eye serum, body contour cream, brightening and shield, and eye hydrogel patches. These products address signs of aging like wrinkles, frown lines, under eye dark circles and sagging. They also cleanse and hydrate the dehydrated skin.

Fast Facts


Types: For All Skin Types
Uses: Nerium skincare founded in 2011 is designed to fight the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines
Active Ingredients: Jojoba Esters, Green Tea, Vitamin E
Price: $55 – 110
About the Brand: Nerium sells a combination of skincare sets that includes night and day creams, eye creams, serums, cleansers, patches and body creams.

Who is Behind Nerium?

Nerium International is an American company. The central office and manufacturing facility is located just north of Dallas in Addison, Texas. The founder and CEO s Jeff Olson, author of the bestselling book The Slight Edge. They are a global company whose corporate culture focuses on happiness and empowering people.

How Does Nerium Work?

Nerium skincare products should work very well, based on the ingredients. They are high in peptides, which produce collagen. This firms the skin and gets rid of forehead wrinkles.

They include a lot of antioxidants that repair skin damage, and anti-inflammatory agents which lessen swelling. Many of the Neora reviews did state that the products were effective.

Who Sells Nerium?

A company called Nerium International sells these products. However, they have recently changed their name to Neora to reflect a more international feel. The company sells skincare, haircare, and general wellness products.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Nerium (Neora) Anti-Aging Skincare
Nerium (Neora) Anti-Aging Skincare Review – (Image/Dermspotlight)

What are Nerium Ingredients?

These are some of the primary active ingredients in these products:

Jojoba Esters

These are wax esters derived from the seeds of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant. They often appear in the form of small beads, and they can exfoliate the skin. They eliminate dead skin cells and make the skin soft and smooth.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that jojoba esters can keep the skin moisturized for 24 hours.

Green Tea

This is a tea made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis leaves the plant. It has medicinal benefits like lowering cholesterol and improving circulation. This tea contains natural antioxidants called catechins which can help repair damage to the skin and improve the skin’s immunity.

An article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concluded that it has potent anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Vitamin E

This is an essential nutrient for the human body. It has potent antioxidant properties that can have anti-aging benefits for the skin. This vitamin can repair damage and enhance the skin’s immunity.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

An article in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal discussed the role of Vitamin E in dermatology.

All Nerium Oleander Creams work in less than a week to smooth wrinkles and firm skin Complete Ingredients list: Nerium Oleander, Hyaluronic acid, Argireline, Ogliopeptides, Hydrolyzed fibromectin/keratin, Proylene Glycol, HYdrolyzed actin, Decyl Oleate, Synthetic Ester ( vit C), a mix of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Glycetyl palmitate, Glucose, Simethicone, Tocopheryl acetate, Citric acid, Hydroxide, Potassium/magnesium Chloride, Riconoleth-40, Ceteryl Ethythexenoate, Cetaryl P&G, Ascorby palmitate, Hydogenated V5 oil, Cit C E A, Aloe Barbaensis, Elastin, Bran Oil, Stearic acid, Ricinus oil, (rice protein), Retinol, Chondrus Crispus powder, Silk Protein, Dimethicone – Silicone.

Nerium: What Does It Do?

The products include amino acids called peptides, which initiate the production of more collagen. This replaces some of the collagen that diminishes with age. It makes the skin firmer and more elastic, eliminating wrinkles and lines.

A systematic review in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology said that collagen can increase hydration, skin elasticity, and dermal collagen density.

The products are very high in antioxidants, which improve the skin’s immunity and repair damage. Many of the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, which can lessen swelling in the skin, diminish puffiness, prevent crow’s feet, and bags under the eyes.

A study in the Journal of Inflammation looked at the effect of anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants on human dermal cells, and found them to be helpful in repairing skin damage.

There are many ingredients in these products which provide the skin with hydration. This deeply moisturizes, and it gives the skin volume which can lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

What Are the Pros And Cons of Nerium?


  1. Nerium products may deeply moisturize your skin.
  2. They help to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Neora products could repair damage to the skin.
  4. These items may make you appear radiant.
  5. The products might get rid of sagging skin.


  1. These are expensive products.
  2. You can get an allergic reaction on your skin.
  3. Other lines offer more than 7 products.

Is Nerium Safe?

It’s possible that you could get a reaction to one of the ingredients, perhaps due to an allergy. If this occurs, it is important that you stop using the product immediately and see a dermatologist if necessary.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Nerium Where to Buy?

These products are very widely distributed. They are available on the official website, and from numerous other online retailers including Amazon.

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What Are the Prices for Nerium?

You can buy Nerium skin care products on the manufacturer’s official website, on Amazon, and from a number of other retailers. The price list on the official site is as follows:

  • Age IQ Nerium Day Cream – $96
  • Age IQ Nerium Night Cream – $110
  • Age IQ Double Cleansing Face Wash – $41
  • Age IQ Nerium Eye Serum – $73
  • Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches – $60
  • Illumaboost Brightening and Shield – $80
  • Firm Body Contour Cream – $110
  • Age IQ Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 40 – $59
  • Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches – $55

How do you use/apply Nerium Day & Night Cream?

Here are the Steps to follow:

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. Don’t put the cream on your eyelids or near your lower lash line.

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People Also Ask

Q: Why Did Nerium Change Their Name to Neora?

A: The company claims that they have recently changed their name to Neora as part of a global rebranding strategy. Nerium International felt that the new name better reflects their evolution as an organization.

Q: Is Nerium (Neora) Good for Your Skin?

A: Neora contains rich ingredients which are very healthy for your skin. It’s particularly high in antioxidants, which can repair the skin and boost its immunity.

Q: What Do Customers Think of Nerium?

A: There were a variety of Nerium reviews. Most of them were positive, citing great anti-aging benefits. Many customers said they were regular users of the line and that their skin had really improved because of it. There were other users who were less enthusiastic. Some didn’t like that the results were not permanent, others didn’t get many benefits from the products.

Q: What is Nerium Oleander?

A: Nerium Oleander is a small tree which is grown in temperate regions of the world mostly for decorate purposes. It’s known for its ability to survive in cold temperatures. It’s used in skincare products due to its properties. It contains cardiac glycosides, which have been used to treat skin diseases.

Q: Where is Nerium Oleander Found?

A: This plant grows very widely in temperate and subtropical regions of the world, mostly in the Mediterranean Basin. It is generally grown as a landscaping plant.

The Final Word on Nerium

The Nerium skincare line is made up of seven products that promote healthy skin and have anti-aging properties. They include high-quality ingredients that firm, enrich, and repair the skin and promise to get rid of under eyes wrinkles and fine lines. These are somewhat expensive products, but less so than many other brands.

The Nerium reviews varied quite a bit. Overall, most people were happy with these products and found them helpful in lessening aging. There were some users who didn’t get as many benefits from the products or has allergic reactions.

If you should suffer from an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, stop using the product right away. Before you begin using this line, go to a dermatologist to get a skin profile.

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