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Bellabiotics Reviews: Is This a Good Skin and Digestive Health Supplement?

Bellabiotics is a natural supplement which promises anti-aging and other skin health benefits as well as a balanced gut microbiome and enhanced digestive health.
By Dermspotlight Staff,
Updated Sep 21, 2022
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What is Bellabiotics?

Dr. Kellyann Bellabiotics is a probiotic, skin health, and general wellness supplement which may help to boost collagen levels and tighten your skin, smoothing wrinkles and lines. It could repair damage to the complexion, protect from UV rays, and decrease inflammation.

This supplement also promises to help balance the gut microbiome, promoting improved digestive health and regularity and easing unpleasant GI symptoms.

Bellabiotics Review
Bellabiotics Review. Image/Dermspotlight



Best For: Improving Skin Health, Supporting Digestion

Uses: Boosting Collagen and Elastin in the Skin, Decreasing Lines and Wrinkles, Repairing Skin, Protecting from UV Rays, Supporting Digestive Health, Decreasing Appetite, Strengthening Immunity, Fading Hyperpigmentation, Improving Skin Tone

Active Ingredients: Acai Berry, Pomegranate Fruit, Camu Camu Fruit Juice, Asparagus Fruit Concentrate, Onion Bulb Extract, Acerola Fruit Juice, Okra Pod Concentrate, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Korean Mint Extract, Vitamins A, D3, and E, Lactococcus Lactis, Coffeeberry Fruit Concentrate, Maltodextrin, XOS, Lycopene

Price: $49

About the Brand: Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, a diet supplement and fitness program company located in Los Angeles, California


About the Brand

The manufacturer of this supplement is a health and wellness company called Dr Kellyann LLC, founded by naturopathic physician and certified nutrition consultant Dr. Kellyann Petrucci in 2020 and based in Los Angeles, California.

She describes her nutritional approach in her book, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. Many of the supplements in the collection include bone broth and collagen as primary active ingredients, as well as probiotics and other healthy plant-based botanicals and superfoods.

Her approach promises benefits like weight loss, improved digestion, decreased inflammation, immune support, and enhanced overall health. They also offer diets and programs for weight loss, gut cleansing, and other benefits.


  • The supplement may smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
  • Bellabiotics supplements could enhance digestive health.
  • This product might strengthen the immune system.
  • Bellabiotics Dr Kellyann may protect the skin from UV rays and other environmental agents.
  • This supplement could repair damage to the skin barrier.


  • It has maltodextrin, which may affect blood sugar balance.
  • The facility where they manufacture also processes allergens like milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.
  • You may experience side effects from Bellabiotics like stomach upset or nausea.

How Does It Work?

This supplement is high in nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E which could enrich the health of the skin and kill harmful free radicals, decreasing oxidative stress. This promotes repair and healing in the body and on the skin and may strengthen immunity.

A review in Molecules explored the immune-enhancing benefits of vitamins [1]. Other ingredients may help reduce melanin in the skin for more even skin tone and decreased hyperpigmentation.

They offer anti-aging benefits, boosting collagen and elastin levels to tighten the skin and improve elasticity. This may smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the complexion. The ingredients are also high in anti-inflammatory agents which can decrease redness and swelling.

This may help heal some skin conditions like eczema and acne, and it could also reduce gut inflammation and bloating. The formula has probiotics, which are good gut bacteria which kill bad bacteria and promote a healthy microbiome.

The product is also high in fiber, which helps to move waste along the intestines and absorb liquid, promoting more regular bowel movements and decreasing symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. It could also help curb appetite for possible weight loss over time.

A review article in Advances in Medical Research examined the impact of dietary fiber on obesity [2].

What Are the Ingredients?

These are some of the primary active ingredients in Bellabiotics:

Acai Berry

This berry is a superfood which is full of nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin A. They may strengthen the immune system, improve eye health, and offer anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.

A study in Toxicology Research concluded that acai berries had wound-healing properties [3].

The berries also have fiber, which helps improve digestion by promoting regular bowel movements and easing symptoms like gas and diarrhea.

Korean Mint Extract

This plant may ease symptoms like nausea and vomiting, as well as digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea, and gas. It has powerful antioxidants which promote healing and repair, strengthen immunity, and offer anti-aging benefits for the skin.

It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial benefits and could help treat some skin conditions. A study in Current Developments in Nutrition concluded that Korean mint is high in polyphenols and may provide a number of health benefits [4].

Lactobacillus Paracasei

This is a probiotic which destroys bad bacteria in the intestines and promotes a balanced microbiome. It may encourage cell growth in the intestines and strengthen the gut barrier.

In addition, it could help promote regular bowel comments and ease symptoms like gas and bloating. This strain may enhance the uptake of nutrients in the body.

A review article in Frontiers in Microbiology discussed the history and properties of the Lactobacillus Casei group [5].

Is Bellabiotics Safe?

This is a doctor-formulated product and brand which includes organic ingredients which are safe, save perhaps some mild potential side effects like stomach upset or nausea.

It does include maltodextrin, which could have an impact on blood sugar levels [6]. People with diabetes or related issues should avoid the product.

What is the Refund Policy?

The manufacturer has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and you can begin the return process online by submitting a request.

They will get back to you and provide you with instructions to send back the product within 60 days of the purchase date. They will deduct a processing fee of $9.95 from your refund.

People Also Ask

Q: Where Can I Buy Bellabiotics?

A: This supplement is for sale exclusively on the manufacturer’s official site. The price of a one-time purchase of Bellabiotics is $49, and you can also subscribe and save 10% for a final cost of $44.10. There’s no Bellabiotics discount code at the moment.

They ship to the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. There is free shipping for orders over $149.

Q: Is Bellabiotics Legit?

A: Yes, the product and the brand are certainly legitimate. Founded by physician Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, the company has a real street address in Los Angeles, California. They are well-known for their products, diets, and programs.

Q: What Sets this Brand Apart From the Competition?

A: The idea of a supplement for both skin health and digestive wellness is somewhat unique. More so, you may either take this product on its own or as one component of one of Dr. Kellyann’s programs for cleansing and resetting your system and weight loss.

Q: Does Bellabiotics Really Work?

A: Kellyann Bellabiotics will work well for some and less so for others. Certainly it has a rich collection of organic ingredients and probiotics which should provide some skin and gut health benefits.

The reviews on Bellabiotics on the official site were largely positive, but it would be nice to be able to confirm that with some independent feedback.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The only Bellabiotics reviews available were on the official website. The majority of the customer feedback was very good, and many users appreciated the before and after of Bellabiotics in terms of skin and digestive health.

However, there were also users who were disappointed or who did not get the results that they expected. These are a collection of some of the user comments:


Not sure what to think. I’m in my mid 70s and live in an arid climate. My skin felt softer after a week or two but not much change. I continue taking this supplement because the probiotic has a positive effect on my bowel movements. – Carol R.


I have been taking this product for 3 weeks. My gut is feeling better, and I am really looking forward to seeing the dark spots fade away. Then my review will be 5 stars. – Rebecca D.

Recharge Your Skin

I have seen an improvement in my skin; it is hydrated and plumper. Hasn’t helped my digestive system though. Looking forward to next month supply. – Amy A.

Awesome Product

I’ve been using Dr Kellyann Bellabiotics for about 6 months…. I’m enjoying the benefits of smoother skin especially on the neck area! I would definitely recommend this product! – S.M

How Does It Compare with Other Brands?

Product Price Active Ingredients Return Policy Information
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Gundry MD Essential Skin Food $69.95 Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Asparagus, Camu Camu, L-Lysine, Acerola Extract, Okra, Quercetin, Acai, L-Proline, Coffee Berry Extract, French Maritime, Pine Bark Extract, Vitamin C 90-day money-back Read Review
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Bellabiotics is a natural dietary supplement which promises to enhance the health of the skin and provide anti-aging benefits like smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains probiotics which may promote a healthy microbiome and improved digestive health. The price is average for the market.

While the majority of the Bellabiotics review postings were quite positive, they were all on the manufacturer’s official site. Many users mentioned great skin health and anti-aging benefits, and some had improve digestive health as well.

There were also some users who found it less effective. Some confirmation from independent Dr Kellyann Bellabiotics reviews would be helpful.

Bellabiotics by Dr. Kellyann contains primarily organic ingredients which are mostly safe, although they may lead to mild side effects or changes in blood sugar levels.

If you experience any unusual issues, discontinue use. Prior to beginning a regimen with this product see a doctor and get medical approval.

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