Gundry MD Total Restore Reviews: Does This Gut Health Supplement Really Work?

Gundry MD Total Restore is powered by purely natural ingredients and seeks to improve full body wellness. It improves leaky gut and supports healthy gut permeability.
By Dermspotlight Staff |Updated Jun 4, 2024
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What is Total Restore?

Total Restore is a dietary supplement that supports healthy gut lining and digestive function.

Gundry MD, the company behind this product, points out that it offers a wide range of digestive health benefits one being the repair of leaky gut or gut permeability.

Besides, Total Restore pills supposedly help improve joint pain, fatigue, digestive distress, joint problems like stiffness, and weight-related issues [1].

But does Total Restore use research-backed ingredients for healthy gut lining? Does the brand use any questionable additive ingredients? And how do the real users rate and describe the effects of Gundry MD Total Restore?

In this Total Restore review article, I will answer all of these questions and claims by examining ingredients present in the product based on medical studies to determine whether it is likely to be effective for gut health. I will also share real, unbiased reviews of the product. I will also present unbiased Gundry MD Total Restore reviews from customers to provide a comprehensive perspective.

Total Restore is currently available for purchase on the Gundry MD official website.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days.

Brand Highlights

  • Improves digestion, energy, and overall health.
  • The manufacturer is highly reputable and trustworthy.
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility.
  • Gundry MD Total Restore ingredients are all 100% natural.

Fast Facts

Gundry Total Restore Reviews

Best For: Gut linning health support
Uses: It helps improve your overall wellbeing, offers digestive health and gut lining support and more
Active Total Restore Ingredients: PepZin GI, Superfoods, and more
Form: Pill
Type: Supplements
Price: $49.95 per bottle
About The Brand: Total Restore by Gundry MD is a multiple-purpose health support product that targets to improve gut lining function.
Where To Buy Total Restore: Official Website

Key Takeaways For Gundry MD Total Restore Supplement

  • Total Restore is designed to improve gut lining and overall digestive health, addressing issues such as leaky gut.
  • The supplement is formulated using 100% natural ingredients like L-Glutamine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, and licorice root extracts.
  • Consumers have reported reduced gas, bloating, and digestive distress after using the product.
  • Users have noted increased energy levels and reduced fatigue as a result of taking Total Restore.
  • By promoting a healthy gut microbiome, the supplement may assist in regulating hunger hormones and improving metabolism, which can contribute to weight loss.
  • Ingredients like N-acetyl D-glucosamine also support healthy and mobile joints.
  • Gundry MD offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with the product.


Total Restore Pros and Cons

Below listed are few of the Total Restore pros and cons:


  1. It claims to promote gut lining function
  2. May helps ease digestion and reduce stomach discomfort
  3. Boosts energy levels throughout the day
  4. Supports mobile and comfortable joints
  5. May help reduce food cravings


  1. The results may vary based on one’s response
  2. The supplement may seem expensive for a month’s supply compared to its counterparts
  3. Little evidence is available to support that the supplement is optimal
  4. It is only available online

How Does Total Restore Supplement Work?

Gundry MD Total Restore Supplement Facts
Gundry MD Total Restore Supplement Fact

The dietary supplement works immediately in gets into the stomach to naturally nourish your gut. As soon as you take the capsules, you will start to experience reduced food cravings, high energy levels, and a clearer mind.

This is because it provides the gut with specific nutrients that support a healthy microbiome. A healthy microbiome is important for overall wellness because around 70% of our immune system is located in the gut.

This product contains prebiotics like inulin to feed the good bacteria in the gut. It also contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants. These antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress, which is thought to damage gut cells over time. Berberine from goldenseal root helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. It also supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Sophia Bennett, an expert in nutritional health says, “Gut health can play a significant role in weight loss. A healthy gut microbiome can improve digestion and enhance the metabolic process, which can contribute to a more efficient calorie burn. Additionally, a balanced gut can help regulate hunger hormones, potentially reducing overeating.”

Overall, these Total Restore ingredients work synergistically to promote gut health, and metabolic function, and reduce oxidative stress – all of which contribute to overall wellness. By supporting the gut microbiome and metabolism, this supplement aims to enhance nutrient absorption and help the body function more efficiently.

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What are the Total Restore Ingredients?

Gundry MD Total Restore ingredients are as follows;


L-Glutamine (213mg)

L-Glutamine is a free amino acid that the intestinal cells use to kick-start metabolic processes in the body [2]. A study in the Nutrients Journal shows that the functions of Glutamine include regulating stress, reducing inflammation, and maintaining intestinal and metabolic functionalities in the body [3].

Profuse evidence suggests that ill people may require higher amounts of Glutamine than what the body usually produces. Supplementation of Glutamine is essential when the body is in distress to help in recovery and that is why the Total Restore supplement gives it much attention [4].

l-glutamine is an important amino acid with multiple functions in the body, including supporting immune function, promoting gut health, and aiding in muscle recovery and growth says Dr. Josh Axe [5].

Additionally, L-Glutamine also enhances cognitive functioning to lower the levels of stress and anxiety, as explained in our Cogni Ultra reviews.

N-acetyl D-glucosamine

N-acetyl D-glucosamine (142 mg)

N-acetyl D-glucosamine is a versatile nutrient that supports joint health, skin health, and digestive wellness. It’s a building block for several important structures in the body, including cartilage, connective tissue, and the protective lining of the digestive tract says Dr. Michael Murray [6].

Glucosamine is a natural compound in the human body found in the fluid around the joints. The nutrient is necessary for maintaining healthy and mobile joints [7]. Hence, commonly used in joint health supplements like Joint XL Plus.

Oral Glucosamine is in the market as a joint-protective supplement widely used for the management of osteoarthritis [8].

Lectins are inflammatory and toxic, and they can be resistant to digestive enzymes. The sugar N-acetyl D-glucosamine helps to block wheat lectins in the body [9].

Licorice Root Extracts

Licorice Root Extracts (54mg)

Licorice root is a herb that treats ailments like stomach upsets, heartburns, acid reflux, and respiratory problems.

A Study in the Journal of Medicinal Food revealed that Licorice root helps manage gastrointestinal disorders, liver diseases, and skin diseases [10].

It contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a valuable natural remedy for a variety of health concerns says Dr. Aviva Romm [11].

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (86mg)

MBH is a chemical that provides energy when the body is not consuming enough carbohydrates and sugars. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism shows that our cells use fat in the absence of glucose to generate energy, therefore supporting the overall management of body weight. However, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate does not impact digestive health [12].

Research suggests that magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate may provide a highly bioavailable source of magnesium while also promoting ketone production, which has potential benefits for cognitive function, athletic performance, and metabolic health says Dr. David Perlmutter [13].

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose (Plant Fiber), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Vegetarian Capsule), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source)

Dr Gundry Total Restore Benefits

gundry md total restore review 2
Gundry MD Total Restore

Reducing Gas and Bloating

It helps with digestion, making it easier for your body to break down food efficiently. This can reduce the unpleasant sensations of gas and bloating that can make you uncomfortable.

Boosting Energy, Focus, and Mood

The ingredients in this supplement have adaptogens. Thus it can assist your body in managing stress levels. When stress is better managed, it often leads to increased energy, better focus, and an improved mood.

Controlling Junk Food Cravings

By promoting healthy metabolism and digestion, Total Restore can help you resist those tempting junk food cravings. It stabilizes your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer after meals consisting fermented foods, which can aid in maintaining a healthier diet. Physician Carlos da Silva says “Fermented foods contain a lot of probiotics, which can help create a more conducive environment for good gut bacteria that help support digestive health. Research also suggests these foods can help to reduce or prevent inflammation in the digestive tract.”

One Product for All Gut Issues

This gut supplement has ingredients that promote gut health. It has various herbs and fruit extracts and can be used daily to support healthy digestion and overall gut health.

Check the Official Websiteto Purchase this Product.

How Should I Take Total Restore Supplement?

What is the best time to take Total Restore? or how should you take it? If that’s your question, let me tell you, the dietary supplement is easy to take. Swallow 3 capsules every day with 8 ounces of water. The company suggests that you take all three capsules together with your largest meal of the day.

How To Take: You can take one capsule with a meal three times a day if you would like.

The extracts in this supplement are easy to digest, and this allows the body to start the metabolic process to produce energy.

You should take the Total Restore supplements every day and be consistent to see the results.

What is the Return Policy for Total Restore?

Gundry MD, the company that manufacturers Total Restore offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. The return is in case the product does not meet your requirements. Customer support contacts are available on the company’s website.

However, this refund is not inclusive of shipping and handling costs.

How Much Does Total Restore Cost?

The price of Gundry MD Total Restore varies depending on where you buy it. On the official Gundry MD website, there are different package options:

  • 1 bottle – $49.95
  • 3 bottles – $134.85
  • 6 bottles – $254.70

Special Offer: Save $75 on the 3 bottle package Redeem Offer

How to Contact Total Restore Customer Support?

Email Address:
You can contact us via email at [email protected]

Phone Number:
Call us at (800) 852-0477. Our U.S.-based customer service representatives are available seven days a week during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST
  • Saturday to Sunday: 6:00 am to 4:00 pm PST

Mailing Address:
Gundry MD, 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Gundry MD Best Sellers

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Dr Gundry MCT Wellness $49.95 C8 MCT Oil Powder, Acacia Gum, Red Grape Extract, Redcurrant Extract, Blackcurrant Extract
Gundry MD Bio Sync $69.95 Spermidine, PEA, Nobiletin
Gundry MD Active Advantage $69.95 Vitamin E, Fulvic Mineral Powder, Coenzyme
Primal Plants $99.99 Probiotics, Superfoods, Minerals, Vitamins and other plant components
Dr.Gundry MD Vital Recharge $69.95 Mitochondrial Support Blend, Electrolyte Blend, Polyphenol Blend
Metabolic Advanced $69.95 Zinc Citrate, Selenium, Berberine, Turmeric, Chromium, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Bark
Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil $39.95 Saturated Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fat
Gundry MD Energy Renew $74.95 Mangosteen, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Goji, Schizandra Berry
TriTrim $240 Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, Cinnamon Bark

Gundry MD Total Restore – People Also Ask

Q: Is Total Restore Legitimate?

A: While some users praise its potential benefits for gut health and digestive relief, a few express concerns about its composition and dosage. Nonetheless, the supplement is widely recognized as safe as Gundry MD prides itself on rigorous third-party lab tests for product quality checks.

Q: Does Total Restore Really Work?

A: Yes, the product works. Online reviewers claim that Total Restore has helped to reduce joint pains, boost their energy levels, and burn stomach fat. Some people also say that they experienced reduced body fatigue and improved digestion.

Q: Is Total Restore Sold in Stores? Where to Buy it?

A: No, Total Restore is not sold in stores. You can only purchase the product from the company’s official website. You can order this product from the official website and the good part is that with a Total Restore coupon code, you will be able to save some bucks.

Q: What are the Gundry Total Restore side effects?

A: No, Total Restore does not cause any major unwanted reactions. The supplement is taken with a meal to help combat indigestion, gas, and bloating.

Q: How long does it take Total Restore to work?

A: Some consumers claim that their energy levels, digestion, and overall health improved within a few days of taking Total Restore. Many users tend to notice dramatic results two to three weeks after taking the supplement. However, not all people are the same, and individual outcomes may vary.

Q: Is Total Restore a Probiotic?

A: No, the product is not a probiotic, nor does it have any probiotic strains.

Although probiotics support digestive health by harmonizing gut bacteria, Total Restore does not use that approach.

Q: Is Total Restore Safe During Pregnancy?

A: Gundry MD Total Restore is for anybody who wants easier digestion, healthy body weight, youthful energy, healthy weight, and mobile joints.

NOTE: The company recommends that you should consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Q: Is Gundry MD Total Restore Vegan?

A: No, Total Restore contains crustacean shellfish (crab and shrimp).

Q: Can I take Total Restore on an empty stomach?

A: The company suggests that you should combine the supplement with a meal. You can swallow all three capsules together with your largest meal of the day. You can also take one capsule with a meal three times a day if you would prefer.

Q: What Does Total Restore Do for the Body?

A: Total Restore contains natural ingredients that help reduce stomach bloating and gas, boost energy levels, improve your mood, reduce food cravings, and support mobile joints.

Q: Does Total Restore promote weight loss?

A: Total Restore is claimed to be a 4-in-1 formula that helps with weight loss, among other benefits. Some say they lost weight, too, because of reduced cravings. But it’s important to know that the main goal of this supplement is to improve your gut health. So, while you might lose some weight, it’s not a guarantee.

Q: Does gut health affect belly fat?

A: According to Chris Pruitt, a certified personal trainer, “Gut health can indeed influence belly fat. Inflammation in the gut, often caused by an imbalance in the microbiome (dysbiosis), has been linked to increased abdominal fat storage. Improving gut health through diet and lifestyle changes can help reduce inflammation and support the loss of stubborn belly fat.”

Gundry MD Total Restore Reviews – What Do The Total Restore Customer Reviews Say?

Gundry MD has received positive ratings and reviews from both Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau (BBB). Additionally, the company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of 4.03 out of 5, with an average of 3211 customer reviews. Most of the Gundry Total Restore reviews that I read were absolutely glowing, and I went through quite a few. Users said they experienced a significant Weight loss and improved gut health. I picked out some of my favorite reviews on this product :

Best Gut health supplement

After using Total Restore for the first time, I have noticed a significant improvement in my gut health, with reduced gas and easier bowel movements. My primary reason for purchasing the product was to address my leaky gut issue, and I can say that I am pleased with the results. Gary

Best for Digestion

For approximately one month, my spouse and I have been regularly using Total Restore. Our gastroenterologist had previously prescribed Omeprazole for an indefinite period, but we were dissatisfied with that. Since using Total Restore, my gut health has significantly improved within a few days, and my partner’s indigestion has been significantly alleviated. Rhonda

Best for bloating

I have observed several positive changes since I started using this product, including a significant reduction in bloating, more regular bowel movements, increased energy levels, and the absence of loud intestinal sounds during meetings. Overall, I am pleased with the results and happy to continue using it. Deborah

Check the Official Websiteto Purchase this Product.

Official Video of Total Restore | Gundry MD

Total Restore | Gut Health Blend | Gundry MD (Video Credit: YouTube)

Gundry MD Total Restore Alternatives: How Does It Compare with Other Products?

Product Price Ingredients Benefits Return Policy
Morning CompleteMorning Complete
$49 Organic Tapioca Fiber, Cinamon Bark, Aloe Vera Leaf, Fennel Seed, Green Tea, Ginger Root, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Kale More Energy, Healthy Liver Function, Digestion, Sugar Levels, and Immunity 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Vital RedsVital Reds $69.95 Probiotics, Superfoods, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins. Provides Energy, Boosts Immunity, Promotes Weight Loss, Suppresses Appetite 90-Day Return Policy
Bio Complete 3Bio Complete 3 $69.95 Bacillus Coagulans, Sunfiber, Tributyrin Provides Energy, Boosts Immunity, Promotes Weight Loss, Suppresses Appetite 90-Day Return Policy

How Does Total Restore Rate?

Feature Rating
Ingredients 4.8
Manufacturer 4.8
Benefits 4.9
Price 4.8

Gundry MD Total Restore Reviews – Conclusion

Gundry MD Total Restore supplement combines 16 natural ingredients which support full-body wellness. One of its main goals is to promote healthy gut lining and in addition to that, users benefit from improved digestive comfort and improved energy levels that keep you energized throughout the day [14].

Worth pointing out also is that a notable amount of research confirms the claims made by the product in relation to the ingredients. Besides, people who have compared bio complete 3 vs Total Restore agree that this is a better option.

After reviewing the product feedback and considering the trust Gundry MD has built with its customers, I recommend using Gundry MD Total Restore. With its formulation of 16 natural ingredients, this supplement is not only safe but also highly beneficial for enhancing overall well-being.

Another example for gut health supplement that works really well isBioma Probiotics. It enhances the gut microbiome, boosts immune system and supports the overall digestive health. SynoGut is also known to reduce digestive discomfort and maintain the gut health.

The other accompanying benefits that come with Gundry MD’s Total Restore are that it promotes weight loss and improves mood, which may go a long to impact cognitive health. You can also checkout Bio-X4 Reviews as it promotes weight loss.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be consistent while taking this supplement for you to see noticeable results.

Where to Buy Total Restore?

The product can be bought from the official website

Michelle May, MS, RD, LD

By Michelle May, MS, RD, LD

Experienced Clinical Dietitian with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverage industry.


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Average Customer Rating:4.9 / 5.0 
7 Customer Reviews

Rating Snapshot:

Bottom Line: 72% would recommend it to a friend

My stomach feels better than ever!

By Amanda G. 

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Overall Experience:

I’ve been using Gundry MD Total Restore for almost three months, and the results have been incredible. My digestion has improved and I feel less bloated. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Total Restore made me feel lighter and in control of my gut health.

By Janice Garcia 

Overall Experience:

I was indecisive about trying Total Restore at first, but after suffering from bloating and irregularity for years, I was willing to give anything a shot. I’m so glad I did! Total Restore has been a lifesaver. It helped regulate my digestion and provide gut health. I feel lighter and more energized.

Total Restore for my Gut Health

By Bruce G. 

Overall Experience:

I was dealing with digestive issues, Total Restore has been a lifesaver. Its probiotics and natural components have made a noticeable difference in how I feel daily. I’ve experienced reduced discomfort and improved digestion, making it a must-have in my routine.

Total Restore Reviews

By Gilbert 

Overall Experience:

Years of having a leaky gut have led me to try everything to resolve the issue. Up until I started taking Total Restore, nothing seemed to work. I began to feel better after a few weeks. I had less stomach pain and more energy. I’m so happy I came across this product!

Total Restore - Best for bloating

By Daniel 

Overall Experience:

After taking Gundry MD Total Restore I have experienced positive sensations such as excellent bowel movements, absence of bloating, and increased energy levels after meals. In contrast, previously, I used to feel quite lethargic and weighed down after eating.

Really Helps

By William S. 

Overall Experience:

After suffering from diarrhea for weeks and other issues like bloating, I started taking this supplement. I saw an ad for it online, and I trust the Gundry MD brand.

It has really helped to settle my gut and get rid of those unpleasant symptoms. I would recommend it.

Great product! Glad I decided to try it.

By Gary Young 

Overall Experience:

I had developed some uncomfortable digestive issues before starting Total Restore and was pleasantly surprised when things began to improve as I came to the end of my first bottle. I felt 90% better by the end of one bottle. I am constantly improving and am grateful that I tried this product.


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  • Q: How big are the capsule of Gundry MD Total Restore in size?

    A: The Gundry MD Total Restore capsules are 3/4th of an inch in height and not more than 1/4th of an inch wide.

    Q: For those of us who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, does this medicine help us?

    A: Due to its probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic components aimed at supporting a healthy gut microbiome, Total Restore shows promise in potentially helping to manage IBS symptoms in some people. But it is not the cure; You should still consult your doctor and take medication if necessary.

    Q: How many pots should I take of Restore total?

    A: The standard recommended dosage is 1 to 2 Total Restore capsules per day. Start with 1 capsule and only increase to 2 if needed and approved by your healthcare provider.

    Q: Hello. I am taking Total Restore and already purchased the proplant complete Shake. Can I take them now? Or do I have to suspend the collapse with total restore.

    A: "According to the official website, it is safe to take Total Restore and ProPlant Complete Shake together. Both products are designed to support gut health and overall well-being, and should not interfere with each other's effectiveness. But if you experience any side effects it is best to talk to your doctor."