What is Har Vokse?

Har Vokse is an anti-hair loss supplement with many other hair support benefits. It claims to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth. It may also help you achieve stronger, thicker, and shinier hair.

Har Vokse is supposedly manufactured using powerful natural ingredients such as amino acids and marine collagen. These two active ingredients when combined can help you achieve visible results without using harsh chemicals.

Fast Facts

Har Vokse

Best for: For both men and women who have experienced hair loss.
Uses: Har Vokse prevents hair loss and initiates new growth
Ative Ingredients: L-Arginine, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Vitamin B6, Rosemary Leaf Extracts
Price: $79.95
About the Brand: Har Vokse is discovered and developed by Norwegian researchers investigating the effects of fish protein on hair loss.

Is Har Vokse Any Good?

The product could be good because it suits all types of hair (lifeless, dull, or falling out). Har Vokse supplement can be used by people who are experiencing massive hair loss and those with stunted hair growth. It purports to combat hair loss to help you regain confidence.

What are the Har Vokse Ingredients?


This ingredient is an amino acid and helps the body to build proteins. It also acts as a vasodilator by opening blood vessels, helping the blood to circulate in your scalp. Proper blood circulation in the hair follicles promotes thick hair growth. According to Skin Appendage Disorders, Arginine is an amino acid that protects your hair against the effects of hydrogen peroxide. It also protects the hair surface lipids in oxidative bleached or colored hair.

Vitamin E

This ingredient contains antioxidant properties that claim to have a protective effect against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress promotes thinning and loss of hair, leading to a condition known as alopecia. According to Tropical Life Sciences Research, intake of vitamin E supplement capsules increases hair number in people who are experiencing hair loss.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

This ingredient is potent when it comes to the formation of collagen. It claims to support hair growth. According to Molecules, hydrolyzed marine collagen stimulates the production of new collagen in the body, which helps in scalp repair and massive hair growth.

Vitamin B6

This ingredient is essential in hair follicle cycle development and in immune cell function. According to Dermatology and Therapy, micronutrients like vitamin supplements are vital in the diet because they help prevent dermatological disease, especially hair loss. Vitamins are major elements when it comes to the development, treatment, and prevention of alopecia (hair loss).

Rosemary Leaf Extracts

This is a herb commonly used in the cosmetic industry. It is used to manufacture different cosmetic products and also to make medicine. According to Phytotherapy Research, the administration of Rosemary leaf extracts improves hair regrowth.

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How Does Har Vokse Work?

Har Vokse hair growth supplement provides your body with essential nutrients responsible for hair growth as well as maintenance. It claims to cleanse the scalp and nourish the hair to help you realize massive thick and strong hair growth. It also claims to support quality hair regrowth and prevents the loss of hair.

Har Vokse Pros & Cons


  1. Har Vokse purports to have the capacity to protect and fortify your hair
  2. You may find it nourishing and with a conditioning effect on your hair
  3. It may help in preventing hair loss
  4. Har Vokse formula claims to promote hair thickening and strengthening
  5. It may promote regrowth


  1. It is only available online

Har Vokse Reviews 

From the official website, the Har Vokse reviews are quite encouraging. However, this product may not have many reviews. Most of the Har Vokse review posts have claimed that product is effective. One customer said that after giving birth, her hair began to fall out. But after using this product, she is happy that she stopped losing hair.

There is also this customer who said that she experienced hair damage. She had tried many hair products without success. But she has had a good experience with this product, and she is now happy with her hair. It is no longer damaged.

Another Har Vokse customer claimed that for all the hair supplements she has used, this particular one as Har Vokse works for her, and she will continue using it. Another one said that she was happy because after she started using this product, she stopped losing hair. Her hair is also healthy and thick.

People Also Ask

Q: How to Use Har Vokse?

A: In case you decide start using this hair growth supplement, it is recommended that you take 1 to 2 pills daily.

Q: How Much is Har Vokse?

A: According to the price given on the company’s website, Har Vokse costs $59.95 per bottle. The container contains 60 capsules. However, this product also comes with an offer. If you buy Har Vokse two bottles, you get one free.

Q: Is Har Vokse Legit?

A: Har Vokse seems legit. Its manufacturer claims to have formulated it using well-researched and powerful natural ingredients. Har Vokse does not contain harsh chemicals that can pose danger to your body.

Q: Does Har Vokse Offer Trial Sample?

A: The manufacturer of Har Voske does not offer a free trial sample. It means that if you want to try it out, you have to buy it. However, some online retail sellers offer a free sample but only for their prime customers.

Q: Where Can I Buy Har Vokse?

A: Har Vokse is available on the company’s website. You can also get if from other online retail sellers.

Q: Does Har Vokse Have a Return Policy?

A: Yes, Har Vokse has a 60 days money-back guarantee for its customers. If for any reason you want to return the product, you can do so within 60 days from the day of receiving the order. However, note that the product refund applies to unused products only and in their original container. The refund does not include the shipping fee.

Har Vokse Review – Final Thought

It feels awful when you don’t have the look you desire because of hair loss. The experience alone is enough to make you lose confidence and stressed. However, the producers of this supplement encourage you not to worry if you are already experiencing it and that Har Vokse is an all-time solution to hair loss.

Har Vokse has an advanced formula designed to make your hair fuller and thicker. Har Vokse feeds your hair with essential nutrients, making it look healthy. Ideally, all the Har Vokse ingredients are designed in a way that can help you gain back your thick, strong, and shiny hair. Its supposed powerful natural ingredients will help nourish your scalp and hair to ensure that you experience thicker and healthier hair growth.

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