What Is Murad Skin Care?

Dr. Murad Skin Care is a skincare brand that develops beauty products from naturally formulated ingredients to enhance skin beauty. The company was officially launched in 1989 and that it has grown into using state of the art technology to research its target ingredients and formulas.

“Good health simply means healthy skin and the best skincare should be from within,” this is the idea that struck Dr. Murad, which later became a strong belief that gave birth to the brand. From this simple perspective, Murad’s skin care products have supposedly become an industry authority in using nature to better skin health.

Fast Facts

Murad Skin Care

Best for: Designed to work for all skin type
Uses: Proactiv contains acne-fighting ingredients that may help treat mild to moderate acne breakouts.
Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Green Tea and Date Seed Powder
Price: $5 – $200
About the Brand: Murad Skin Care line aims to address age-related skin concerns, hyperpigmentation, acne, and all other manageable skin issues.

Who is Dr. Murad?

Dr. Murad is a trained pharmacist, certified dermatologist, and author of several books including “Wrinkle-Free Forever,” The Water Secret,” and “Cellulite Solution”. He has also been a Clinical Professor at the Geffen School of Medicine and does attend to patients in his practice at the University of Inclusive Health. Last but not least, Dr. Murad is the brain behind, and owner of Murad Skin Care.

What is Dr. Murad’s Philosophy?

Dr. Murad takes a notably different approach in matters skincare and believes that lasting skin health is attainable. He shared in his speech during the’ brand’s launch that good skin is a precede of good nutrition.

“Beauty from within” is one phrase that explains Murad’s philosophy in relation to skin health. He backs his claims on a concept that 80% of skin health depends on a good diet and healthy living. Only 20 percent is from body serums, creams, and supplement products.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Healthy looking skin entails many things, from good nutrition to cellular hydration. Most of all, being able to effetely manage stress, maintaining your inner peace, and using the right skincare arsenal.

The key building facet in Murad’s philosophy is helping the body to maintain optimal cellular hydration. This means keeping your body hydrated thought out. Meaning besides just water, eat foods and fruits with high water content. He firmly recommends cellular hydration and links body dehydration to fast aging, wrinkles, and poor eating habits. Besides, Murad is a fan of dietary supplements, especially those with high amino acid and antioxidant contents.

Murad Skin Care
Murad Skin Care Products Review. Image/Dermspotlight

What Products does Dr. Murad Sell?

This brand has a notable collection of products that are particularly geared towards supporting whole-body wellness. A common pattern in this product line however, is most of the formulas center around boosting hydration.

The formulations have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants as their key properties and are said to cleanse, treat, and help keep your body optimally hydrated. In other words, this product line aims to address age-related skin concerns, hyperpigmentation, acne, and all other manageable skin issues. Also, worth a note is Murad skincare set of products is color-coded to help users differentiate their unique use.


What are some Murad Bestsellers?

Murad skin care line has several best sellers. Top on this list is the $72 Multi-Vitamin Infused oil, an anti-aging solution. This product may brighten and boost hydration at the same time and uses six special vitamins to help achieve its purposes.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Designed to improve skin elasticity and firming also is the Red Algae Extract, and claims to be peptide-rich. The Pore Extractor Mask from Pomegranate ($38) follows along and is particularly a skin cleanser that has earned some good Murad skin care reviews for impressive results.

Then there is the 2017 Oprah’s magazine award winner, the ($82) Retinol Youth Renewing Cream that focuses on reducing wrinkles and fine lines. And lastly, the Rapid Age Spot Serum that targets to correct dark spots.

Are There Any New Murad Products?

As a brand, Murad has been expanding its product line. Some of the newest formulas by this company seem to focus on improving the good bacteria profile on the skin. With enough bacterial working for you, the skin is nourished. Murad outlines that the skin harbors important oil components and bacteria and should not be over washed.

As such, the new Murad skin care routine in the prebiotics line aims to help restore the good bacteria on the skin to improve radiance and balance. The products include:

The MultiMist Prebiotic 3-in-1 – which is a makeup set and helps with skin nourishment ($32) -Revitalixir Recovery Serum – an under eye serum and face serum that works on wrinkles skin dryness and puffiness ($89). The MultiCleanser Prebiotic 4-in1 – for skin cleansing, replenishment, and makeup set ($36).

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What ingredients are in Murad products?

Among the details that Murad, as a company insists, is that all their ingredients pass through clinical testing to ascertain their strength and safety. In particular, this brand uses lab-created and fully natural ingredients, a few of them include:

Salicylic Acid

– This is a key ingredient in Murad’s Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel as well as other products in the acne support line.

An article in the National Library of Medicine mentions that this Monohydroxybenzoic acid might help manage skin conditions including acne.

Green Tea and Date Seed Powder

– Beside Salicylic Acid, these two are key ingredients in Murad’s Clarifying Body Duo. The product targets to help prevent skin breakouts and diminish blemishes.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

A study in the journal Antioxidants associates Green Tea’s antioxidative properties with these skin benefits.

Vitamin A, Burdock, Yellow Dock, and Zink

– Dr. Murad’s Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement has these three as its main ingredients. A study on Vitamins in the Journal of Clinical Medicine suggests that Vitamin A may improve the body’s defense for healthier skin.

The International Journal of Women’s Dermatology reported Burdock root as a potent solution for skin-breakouts benefits, while Zinc might help reduce skin irritation according to the journal Dermatology Research and Practice.

Do Murad Products Work?

As a company, Dr. Murad may have a solid ground to claim the effectiveness of its product line. For one, the ingredients in most of their formulas pass through clinical investigation, and second, a few of their products are supposedly well-recognized.

For instance, in 2018 the Allure Best of Beauty was awarded special recognition to Murad’s Rapid Relief for Acne Treatment. The SPF 30, and Invisible Protector, on the other hand, are two skin products that got a special award titled the Breakthrough Beauty Award. So, does Murad skin care work? The answer is yes, although the results may vary from person to person.

Where to Buy Murad Skin Care Products?

Murad products are available on the company’s official website as well as other retailer sites. You can order individual products or get them in what the company calls kits. A kit will contain several products that assist each other to achieve the best results. People who specifically want to diminish aging signs or treat acne can have a 30-day or 60-day kit. Notable retailer sites that sell Dr. Murad products include Ultra, CVS, Nordstrom, and Sephora.

Final Verdict

Looking at the reviews for Murad skin care and the fact that this brand has survived the highly competitive beauty market makes its products worth some attention. Besides, the items in this product line may work as promised since the company has also earned awards for some of its so-called skincare revolution products.

However, for severe spots on the skin, burn scars, and injury scars, it may not make sense to entirely rely on Murad products. Such cases would need professional dermatological attention. It is also possible that other alternative brands like Boots No 7, Beverly Hills MD, 111Skin, and CeraVe might work better for your case.

Wondering, if Murad skincare is safe during pregnancy? You need professional medical advice before using this product line and this is another turn-off to most people who prefer beauty products with little to no restrictions.

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