What Is Groh Hair?

Groh Hair is a line which includes organic ingredients to treat the skin and the hair. The hair products are ideal for people who are experiencing thinning or hair loss, as they not only enrich it with moisture and nutrients, but also initiate growth and thickness.

The skin products offer antioxidants which repair and protect the skin and eliminate some of the signs of age. Here are some of the key items in the line:

Hair Growth Boost Supplements – This hair growth supplement improves cellular function by providing essential nutrients. This leads to longer, thicker hair and a healthy scalp.

Daily Face Wash – Not only does this product cleanse your skin deeply; it provides it with antioxidants which repair damage and leave it younger-looking.

Hydrating Face Serum – This product moisturizes the skin, and it also repairs damage to the skin barrier and protects it from pollutants and other harmful agents.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Scalp Hair Rejuvenating Serum – It improves the health of the scalp, heals damage, and provides essential nutrients. It can balance the oils in the scalp and eliminate dryness.

Fast Facts


Hair and Skin Types: Not specified; presumably, all types
Uses: Hair growth, thickness, providing nutrients, repairing and protecting, anti-aging
Active Ingredients: Mushroom Extract Ergothioneine, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Horsetail Extract, Nettle Extract, Lemon Balm
Prices: $36-150
About the Brand: Groh Beauty Corp in Florida. They produce skin and hair care.
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What Are the Benefits of Groh Hair?


  • These product may provide the hair with essential nutrients.
  • It might help the hair grow longer.
  • These items may make the scalp and follicles healthier.
  • It could thicken the hair.
  • The supplements may give elevated energy and libido.
Groh Hair
Groh Hair Care Products & Vitamins. Image/Dermspotlight

What Is Groh Hair Made Of?

Here are some of the primary active Groh Hair ingredients:


This is an amino acid that comes from certain mushrooms, and it’s synthesized by fungi and bacteria. According to Science Direct, it’s a powerful antioxidant. It can repair damage to the hair follicles and scalp and protect it from outside harm. The resulting healthy scalp is more conducive to growth.

Horsetail Extract

Derived from the horsetail plant, this substance contains a high amount of silica which makes the hair stronger and prevents thinning. In addition, it initiates the production of more collagen, which is healthy for the hair. Horsetail is also high in antioxidants which repair and protect the hair. A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that horsetail was a good source of natural antioxidants.

Aloe Vera

This is a plant which contains a potent medicinal oil in its leaves. This hydrating substance is healthy for the skin and the hair and provides anti-aging benefits. Its full of healing antioxidants which repair the skin and hair. According to the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, aloe vera protects the scalp against diseases and prevents dandruff.

How Does Groh Hair Work?

The products center around the use of the potent antioxidant Ergothioneine, which has the ability to deliver nutrients directly to the cells. This nourishes and strengthens the hair and makes it more radiant and healthy-looking. The same is true of the skin. An article in Food Chemistry discussed Ergothioneine as a rich source of antioxidants.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

These and other antioxidants in the product repair damage to the hair and the follicles, leading to hair growth and improved thickness. There are also anti-inflammatory properties which can help treat scalp conditions, itchiness, and dryness.

A review in Skin Appendage Disorders discussed the use of anti-inflammatory agents in the treatment of hair loss.

The skincare products repair damage to the skin barrier and help to treat skin reactions. Groh Hair products are very hydrating, providing moisture to the hair and skin and getting rid of dryness. This hydration can go under the skin and help smooth wrinkles and lines.

How Do I Use Groh Hair?

There are several different products in this line, and they each have their own set of directions on the label. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Can I Use Groh Hair if I Have Sensitive Skin?

The manufacturer doesn’t specifically note whether people with sensitive skin can use these products. There’s a chance you could have a reaction if your skin is too sensitive. If so, these products are not for you.

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How Much is Groh Hair and Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase Groh Hair on the manufacturer’s official site, Groh Hair Amazon, eBay, and from a few other online retailers. The Groh Hair cost for some of the top products are as follows:


  • Restorative Hair Growth Shampoo – $38
  • Replenishing Hair Growth Conditioner – $42
  • Scalp Hair Rejuvenating Serum – $50
  • Leave-In Styling Treatment – $36
  • Hair Growth Boost (Supplements) – $50
  • Groh Total Daily Skincare – $149


  • Hair Growth Boost (Supplements) – $50
  • Hair Rejuvenating Serum – $50
  • Leave-In Styling Treatment – $36
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Set – $68
  • Groh Total Daily Skincare – $149

What is the Return Policy for Groh Hair?

The manufacturer has a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the products, contact the company to let them know and send them back with the receipt within 30 days of your purchase. You’ll get a full refund, but you are responsible for the shipping fees.

Groh Hair Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Valotin Hair Growth Support Supplement $24.95 Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Iron (as Ferrous fumarate), Folate, Zinc
Vibrance Hair Growth Vitamins $29.99 – one time; $26.99 with subscription Biotin, MSM, Zinc, Iodine, Bamboo Extract, Boron, Inositol
Nutrafol $79 Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Saw Palmetto, Aswagandha, Tocopherol, Hyaluronic Acid, Horsetail Extract, Curcumin, Black Pepper
Hair La Vie $20- low 30s Keratin, Amino Acids, Horsetail, Soy Protein, Capixyl, Ecklonia Cava
Viviscal $49.99 – supplements; $9.99 – shampoo, conditioner, elixir Keratin, Biotin, Zinc, Nutmeg, Bitter Orange, Vitamin C

People Also Ask

Q: How Are the Reviews for Groh Hair?

A: There are numerous Groh Hair reviews online, and they tend to be quite mixed. There were many users who loved and appreciated these products.

Quite a few people with hair loss experienced considerable growth and thickness. However, there were also customers who didn’t get many benefits, or who had a reaction on their scalp.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Q: How Long Before You See Results with Groh Hair?

A: According to the manufacturer, many users see new hair growth in 3-6 weeks. In order to see full results, it’s likely to take longer. Expect it to be 3-6 months before you see considerable growth.

Q: Is Groh Hair Safe?

A: In general, this is a safe product which uses quality ingredients. If you have very sensitive skin or an allergy to an ingredient, you may end up with a skin reaction on your scalp. This indicates that this is not the right product for you, and you should stop using it. Check the ingredients list carefully.

Q: How Does Groh Hair Compare to Other Hair Care Product Lines?

A: Groh Hair is a good brand that stands up well in the market. It’s a little bit on the expensive side but basically average for luxury hair care products. It also offers a lot for the price, in terms of rich organic ingredients that can grow, thicken, nourish, repair, and protect the hair. The products are as good as most hair care brands out there.

Q: Does Groh Shampoo Work?

A: Groh Hair Shampoo is a high-level product which not only cleanses; it also encourages growth and thickness. In addition, it repairs damage to the hair leaving it smoother and healthier. Many Groh Hair Shampoo reviews said Groh Hair results in thicker, healthier hair with more body.

Q: Who Should Use Groh Hair?

A: Groh Hair products are meant for people who have experienced hair loss or thinning and want to regrow their hair in long, thick, and healthy. It’s also helpful for people who do not have hair loss but simply want thicker hair with more body.

Q: Who Manufacturers Groh Hair?

A: A company called Groh Beauty Corp manufactures this product line. Their headquarters are in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and they started in 2010. This is a well-regarded corporation that produces skin and hair care products for both men and women.

Q: Is Groh Hair Legit?

A: This is certainly a legitimate line. People respect this company, and they produce quality products using good organic ingredients. The prices are a little high, but not much different than many other similar brands. The Groh Hair products reviews were a little mixed, but many customers really appreciated this line and found it effective. They were happy with the Groh Hair before and after.


The Groh Hair System is a line of hair and skincare products made of natural, organic ingredients. The hairline offers rich benefits, including encouraging hair growth and thickness and proving it with nutrients. The hair and skin products are both high in antioxidants which repair and protect.

The Groh Hair system reviews varied somewhat, offering a range of opinions. Most of the customers were very happy with the results of this line. For the most part, it helped their hair grow longer and thicker and gave it a shine. The skincare products were also very popular. There were also some users who didn’t find these products very beneficial.

There is a possibility that you could have Groh Hair side effects like an allergic reaction to an ingredient and develop a rash on your skin or on your scalp. This is a sign that you should stop using this line, as your skin is too sensitive. It’s a good idea to go to a dermatologist before using a new product to make sure it’s suitable for your skin.

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