What is InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

InvisiCrepe Body Balm is an anti-aging product by City Beauty. It is a body balm that has been formulated to gradually diminish the appearance of crepey skin on any part of the body.

According to the manufacturer, this body balm is an all-in-one moisturizer, collagen enhancer, and elastin booster. And through these properties, InvisiCrepe Body Balm may smooth and plump the skin leaving it wrinkle-free.

Fast Facts

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Reviews

Best For: All skin types.
Uses: Reduces the appearance of thin, wrinkled, crepey skin by supporting the skin’s barrier function and boosting hydration.
Active Ingredients: Watermelon Rind Extract, DL Lipids, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, Niacinamide, Ribose
Price: $60
About The Brand: City Beauty is based in Los Angeles, and they pride themselves on providing cruelty-free products. All of City Beauty’s products are Made in the USA and include a 60-day money-back guarantee.
Where To Buy: Official Website

Is City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm Any Good?

Considering its whole-body use, this product may be worth the purchase. Additionally, City Beauty claims that its body balm is suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin.

However, it is advisable to do a patch test if you are prone to allergic reactions just to be sure. And to think that this product addresses dehydrated skin, saggy, and thinning skin, that sounds good. Besides, this product may be legit.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm
InvisiCrepe Body Balm by City Beauty Review. Image/Dermspotlight

City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm Ingredients – What Ingredients Are In InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

To further analyze this product, it may be rewarding to take a closer look at the ingredients in InvisiCrepe Balm. These include;


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Watermelon Rind Extract

The rinds of watermelons are packed with valuable bioactive compounds. According to the Institute of Food Science and Technology, these rinds exert antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. It also contains citrulline which protects the stratum corneum.

Dr. Viscusi advises that the green outer shell, or rind, of a watermelon is recognized for its ability to soothe irritated skin that may be experiencing redness and inflammation. You can simply apply watermelon rinds, with the inner side down, directly onto problematic areas as a do-it-yourself watermelon mask, or opt for facial masks containing watermelon rind as a key ingredient.

DL Lipids

This is a proprietary blend that consists of soy lipids, soybean phytosterols, and plant-based sodium hyaluronate. The Journal of Cosmetic Science claims that soybean phytosterols have a positive effect on skin repair and skin lipids.

Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

This is a new probiotic ingredient obtained from the lactococcus lactic bacteria. The International Journal of Women’s Dermatology claims that this ingredient works on speed and quality of epidermal growth which results in better barrier function and overall skin quality. It also inhibits acne breakouts.


This ingredient is purported to reduce the number of hyperpigmented spots and red blotchiness by the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. It also improves stratum corneum hydration. When combined with topical kinetin, niacinamide may be used as an anti-aging regimen.

Niacinamide serves as the biologically active variant of vitamin B3, offering a wide range of advantages.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Dr. Melody Maarouf, a dermatologist affiliated with U.S. Dermatology Partners in Phoenix, AZ, elaborates. “My usual suggestion involves employing the topical iteration of this compound to address three primary skin issues: combatting signs of aging, handling uneven skin tone, and managing issues related to excess oil production and enlarged pores.”


This is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that enhances ATP regeneration as it usually diminishes with age. According to the Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, ribose plays a role in the reduction of oxidative stress. It was also found to reduce wrinkle surface area and length.

How Does InvisiCrepe Body Balm Work?

Going by the ingredients present in City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm, this product may work. As we have seen, ingredients such as niacinamide and ribose specifically target under eye wrinkles and work to erase their appearance.

To get an even better look at its crepey diminishing ability, read on and get a glimpse of the InvisiCrepe Body Balm reviews UK.

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Benefits of InvisiCrepe Body Balm

InvisiCrepe Body Balm has ingredients that are carefully tested in a lab to provide benefits like:

Deep Hydration

It soaks deeply to give intense moisture and helps strengthen your skin’s structure. This leads to noticeably reducing wrinkly, thin-looking skin. The formula is meant to restore life and fullness to your skin.

Provides Moisture to the Skin

It boosts your skin’s natural protective layer so moisture stays locked in longer. This leads to hydration lasting much more and makes your skin look healthier and smoother.

Smoothens Skin

The ingredients work to decrease the look of thinning, wrinkled skin on the body, showing a smoother and more youthful texture. It aims to revive and energize your skin’s overall appearance.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm offers a complete solution that not only deeply hydrates but also supports firmness and texture. With its transforming properties, it helps address wrinkly, thin skin, resulting in a rejuvenated and re-energized look. Always check with the product information or professionals before deciding to use it.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How to Use InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

Cleanse your skin, pat it dry and then massage the balm into all areas that need attention once per day. Since the balm is deeply hydrating and retains moisture, City Beauty asserts that using it once will suffice the whole day.

How to Fix: Crepey Skin At Home | InvisiCrepe Body Balm (Official Video)

How to Fix: Crepey Skin At Home | InvisiCrepe Body Balm (Video Credit: YouTube)
City Beauty has created an InvisiCrepe Body Balm video that shows before and after pictures of its users. These pictures illustrate that the models’ skin improved and became firmer with less visible wrinkles. So going by the InvisiCrepe Body Balm before and after images, this body balm may work effectively.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Reviews

The reviews on InvisiCrepe Body Balm are relatively positive. City Beauty has earned a rating of 4.28 out of 5 on Sitejabber, based on 1,369 reviews. Additionally, on Better Business Bureau the company holds a rating of 4.56/5, derived from an average of 2,029 customer reviews. Customers complimented the product’s texture, hydrating properties, and refreshing scent.

Other fans celebrated the balm’s non-greasy residue and they asserted that the balm lived up to its claim. These users further shared that their once crepey skin became more smooth, firm, and radiant.

Crepe Body Balm

I use this product daily. I have been using it for a year now and would not go a day without it. My arms and upper legs look great. I have used it. I have used it on my chest and neck as well. Love this product. I am 74 years old do if I find something that works I stick with it.~Sharon


This cream is a game changer. I apply it in the morning and evening on my arms and chest and it makes quite a difference in my skin. This product is fantastic.~Lorri

Silky Skin

This balm is hydrating and silky. Makes my skin moisturized but without any heavy feeling on the skin. Also, it has a pleasant scent, not too much but fresh.~Shebella

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Before and After

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Ole Henriksen $65.00 AHAs, Vitamin C, Olive Seed Oil, Blackcurrant, Bakuchiol
LifeCell $189.00 Hyaluronic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Deanol (DMAE), Retinol
Truffoire $400.00 Truffles, Vitamin C and E, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid
Instantly Ageless $69.95 Aloe, Lavender, White Camphor, Mango Fruit Extract, Spearmint, Rosemary Oil, Pine Needle, Grapefruit Extract
Plexaderm $59.95 Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Complaints

Like in any other product, there are InvisiCrepe Body Balm complaints from unsatisfied customers. For these reviewers, the product did not have any observable impact on their skin which does not reflect the high price of the product.

Other customers complained that the balm left an unpleasant tingling sensation once it was applied. Moreover, most of these reviewers wished the jar was larger for the sixty dollar price.

How Much Does InvisiCrepe Body Balm Cost?

A 5 oz jar of InvisiCrepe costs $60.00 and depending on where you buy it from, shipping is free of charge. If you are lucky, you can get an InvisiCrepe Body Balm discount code and pay a discounted price for it.

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Who Sells InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

You can buy this body balm directly from the brand’s website or third-party online retail platforms. However, if you buy from these retailers, the free shipping policy may not apply.

People Also Ask

Q: Can I use InvisiCrepe Body Balm on my Face?

A: While it’s not meant as a face cream, many customers have used it on their faces and had really good results. It works well for all different types of skin, including sensitive skin.

Q: How is InvisiCrepe™ Body Balm Different from Body Lotion?

A: Regular body lotion only adds moisture to the top layer of your skin for a short time. So areas of skin that look wrinkled or crepey will keep getting worse as your skin loses moisture again. InvisiCrepe Body Balm gives deep hydration and supports your skin’s natural barrier. This allows the moisture to last much longer. So it can help wrinkled areas look better for more than just a short time after applying.

Q: How Often Should I use InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

A: To get the best results, use InvisiCrepe Body Balm twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.
Tip: for even more moisture, try applying it to your skin when it’s still damp after showering. The damp skin will help the balm absorb deeper for extra hydration.

Q: Is InvisiCrepe Body Balm suitable for All Skin Types?

A: InvisiCrepe Body Balm can be used for all different kinds of skin, including sensitive skin. However, if your skin is very sensitive or prone to allergies, it’s a good idea to do a small test area first before using the whole product. Even if a product says it’s suitable for sensitive skin, it’s best to apply a small amount to your skin and check that it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Q: Does InvisiCrepe Body Balm Really Work?

A: InvisCrepe Body Balm is made with natural ingredients that are known to have specific benefits for the skin. You can see its effects when you read the positive reviews from customers on the product website. The InvisiCrepe reviews show that the balm works to improve skin issues like wrinkles and dryness. Natural ingredients are chosen because research has shown they can target and treat problems in a good way. Customers who have tried it see and feel the difference in their skin.

Q: Are There Any InvisiCrepe Body Balm Side Effects?

A: InvisiCrepe Body Balm is made with many different ingredients, there’s a chance someone could have an allergic reaction to one of them. It has soy, which a lot of people are allergic to. Plus, some of the other ingredients are known to sometimes irritate the skin. If after using it your skin breaks out in a rash or gets irritated, you should stop applying the balm right away and consult your healthcare professional immediately.

Q: Can I Apply InvisiCrepe Body Balm If I Have A Health Condition?

A: If your skin is sensitive or prone to allergies, it’s a good idea to test any new skin care product on a small area of your skin first, before using it all over. Even if the product says it’s suitable for sensitive skin, do a patch test to be safe.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm Reviews – Conclusion

Crepey skin is one of the eventualities of old age. While it is a natural and inevitable occurrence, most of us want to do something about it. Luckily, there are lots of anti-aging products that are designed to cater to this need. Invisicrepe is one of these crepey skin solutions.

This body balm has numerous ingredients that work on crepey skin in various ways. Some of its ingredients boost collagen production, others enhance hydration, and others fill in the wrinkles to return the skin to its smooth and radiant nature.

However, there are negative reviews for City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm. Users were not happy about the tingling sensation that came with applying the balm. Other users were not impressed because their crepey skin did not improve at all. For this reason, this product may not work for everyone. Perhaps the body balm improves the appearance of skin with little to no wrinkles.

With both the cons and pros of this product, you can now make your purchase objectively. But if looking for a better alternative, you can check out InvisiCrepe Body Balm vs Crepe Erase reviews online. Doing so will broaden your options as you will get a better perspective on which balm works best.

In as much as these products promise to smooth your crepey skin, they cannot protect your skin against their formation. A healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, can help you keep crepey skin at bay. All you have to do is to eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and slather on your sunscreen every time you step out.

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Where to Buy?

Check the Official Website to Purchase this Product.