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Rodan + Fields Review – Get the Facts & Truth About Rodan + Fields Skin Care

We research the popular anti-aging skincare line Rodan + Fields. Does it work? Read honest and unbiased reviews from actual Rodan + Fields Skin Care users.
By Dermspotlight Staff,
Updated May 7, 2021

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What is Rodan + Fields?

Rodan and Fields is a cosmetics brand that was founded by two Stanford trained dermatologists; Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The two doctors shared a belief that everyone deserves healthy skin. For this reason, the company is centered around offering access to dermatological solutions without necessarily visiting a dermatologist.

Rodan and Fields products are categorized into Redefine, Reverse, Unblemish, and Soothing kits. The brand also sells enhancement products individually, unlike the kits which feature several products.

To expand its outreach, this company relies on a peer to peer selling model to reach a wider consumer base. That is, they have brand consultants and product endorsers who reach out to consumers through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Currently, the company has around 300,000 consultants under its umbrella. These consultants have access to Rodan and Fields’s pulse which helps them manage their customer base.

Where are Rodan and Fields manufactured?

Rodan + Fields manufactures its products in the USA. The brand is considered a top-selling cosmetics company in North America following its high sales.

What does Rodan + Fields Sell?

This product line sells a wide variety of skincare products. The products are categorized into;

  • Rodan and Fields Redefine – The products under this label help combat aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rodan and Fields Reverse – This category carries wrinkle creams, lotions, and serums that may help reduce age spots, under eye bags and even out skin tone.
  • Rodan and Fields Unblemish – This kit is a Rodan and Fields acne solution
  • Rodan and Fields Soothe – The products in this line are designed to support sensitive skin and itchy skin.

Apart from these product categories, there are enhancement products such as the Micro-Dermabrasion paste, Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, and body lotions.

What are the Rodan + Fields Ingredients?

Below are the commonest ingredients in Rodan + Fields best seller products;

  • Salicylic Acid – This ingredient is present in the Unblemish Refining Acne Wash. It is an excellent exfoliant which is known to remove dead cells and cleanse congested pores. According to the Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, this ingredient is efficient in treating skin disorders such as acne vulgaris, melasma, photodamage, and freckles.
  • 3D3P Molecular Matrix – This ingredient contains a mixture of glycerin and hyaluronic acid found in the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. Hyaluronic acid is important in moisture retention, as explained by the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.
  • Kaolin Clay – This is an active constituent of the Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask. It is a soft clay that is usually white. It can also exist in lighter shades of yellow, cream, gray, brown, and red. According to the Journal of Basic and Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, this clay draws impurities from the skin without causing dryness.
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract – This is one of the ingredients in the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost. The Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences claims that pumpkin seed extract has both medicinal and nutritive properties. Since pumpkin skin is an oilseed, it is great in moisturizing the lashes, nourishing hair follicles, promoting hair thickness, and hair count.
  • Vitamin C – this ingredient is present in the Reverse Brightening Regimen. It is a potent antioxidant drug that is important in enhancing photoaging. According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, vitamin C is effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Other Ingredients: Argireline, Acrylate Crosspolymer, Xanthan Gum, Caffeine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Water/Aqua/Eau, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Peptides, Glycerin, Vitamin E

Which Rodan + Fields product is best for me?

This brand features several best-seller products with some having received awards from reputable beauty magazines. Products under this category that are highly recommended, include;

  • Rodan and Fields lash boost – is a lash and brows conditioning serum that claims to enhance both thickness and length.
  • Redefine Regimen – is a variety of products designed to reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines. It also claims to promote smooth texture and restore bounce.
  • Unblemish Regimen – is all about fighting adult acne and other aging signs, preventing breakouts, and minimizing pores.

Does Rodan + Fields Work?

The fact that these products are formulated by dermatologists gives R+F some credibility. Ingredients used in the products have scientific proof to back their claims. Therefore, these skin care products may work.

What is Rodan + Fields Kit Price?

  • Unblemish regimen kit costs $186.00
  • Reverse regimen kit costs $190.00
  • Redefine regimen kit costs $199.00
  • Redefine regimen + Lash boost special kit costs $331.00

Are Rodan + Fields products safe?

Yes, these products may be safe as they claim to factor in skin types; oily, normal, and sensitive. According to the brand, Rodan and Fields products are safely formulated and provide treatment for skin issues.

Are There Any Side Effects with Rodan + Fields?

Although there are no side effects outline by the brand, ingredients such as retinol, dimethicone, isopropyl cloprostenate, and hydroquinone which are known to cause irritation and breakouts in some individuals.

Where to Buy Rodan + Fields?

You can buy Rodan + Fields products from the official website, online retailers (Amazon), and consultants.

Are Rodan + Fields any good?

Rodan and Field’s reviews are quite impressive. According to some users, the products are worth the high price tag. Moreover, some products by this brand have bagged awards. Some of the awards include the NewBeauty 2020 Beauty Award and Allure 2019 Best Beauty Breakthrough Award.

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Do Rodan + Fields get rid of wrinkles?

The Redefine line of products caters to crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines. Going by the Rodan and Fields before and after section, fine lines, under eye wrinkles, and pores appear to improve.

What Is Rodan + Fields Return Policy?

To return a product, the company requires you to do so within 60 days from the purchase date. However, there are a lot of complaints regarding Rodan and Field’s customer service. Users claim that it is hard to cancel an order while getting a refund is almost impossible.

The Final Word on Rodan + Fields

Rodan and Fields products have a lot of hype on the internet. They claim to offer solutions to a wide range of skin problems.

Rodan and Fields eye cream, for instance, helps reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles. And since such formulations have been made by dermatologists, the company may enjoy some credibility.

Some users agree that this is an effective and promise-keeping brand but think the prices of the products need to be lowered a bit. A few users have also hinted that the brand is not keen on its customer service.

Additionally, other customers were not happy about the peer to peer business model that the company upholds as they would rather buy direct from the official website.

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    Karen Young,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    Improved appearance in skin...

    By Karen Young 

    Overall Experience:

    I’ve been using the Rodan + Fields Skin Care for about 6 weeks and have noticed an improved appearance in my skin. It seems to have a glow and the lines are not as pronounced as they were. I’m hoping that soon I’ll notice an improvement in my hair as well.

    Pros and Cons:

    • skin texture improved
    No "cons" were specified in this review.
  1. Flag

    March 31, 2021 7:41 am

    Vanessa Bennet,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    Just Love My Products. Skin looks wonderful

    By Vanessa Bennet 

    Overall Experience:

    My skin looks great. The prices are awesome the customer service is fantastic. The only thing I wish the products were more moisturizing.

    Pros and Cons:

    • skin looks great
    • products not moisturizing

    October 6, 2020 1:20 pm

    Carol,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    I promise you will be a forever customer of Rodan + Fields.

    By Carol 

    Overall Experience:

    I am 56 years old and was looking for a product that provided a lift near the eye area and around the mouth. This product did not disappoint, it is very hydrating and provides this lifting action which I am very happy about. I will be a forever customer of Rodan + Fields because all their products do what they claim, by being a product junky they are the first of all products I used over the years to perform as the product claim. If you are wavering do not waver anymore try the lifting cream and their other fantastic products, I promise you will be a forever customer of Rodan + Fields.

    Pros and Cons:

    • very hydrating
    No "cons" were specified in this review.
  2. Flag

    September 28, 2020 12:47 pm

    Elisa B.,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    Rodan + Fields Skin Care Pretty Good

    By Elisa B. 

    Overall Experience:

    Rodan + Fields is easy to use. As with all the skin care products, it is difficult to pinpoint results. I do feel slightly better about my face. I am still susceptible to extreme wrinkles some mornings. Others, I feel pretty good about it. One thing for sure, it is not doing damage.

    Pros and Cons:

    • skin feel slightly better
    No "cons" were specified in this review.
  3. Flag

    September 17, 2020 1:36 pm

    Marjorie R.,  was invited to write this review Learn More

    Been Working Great!

    By Marjorie R. 

    Overall Experience:

    I have 3 people taking it with me in my family and we all enjoy the benefits we bought enough for all to try we will likely be ordering again soon…

    Pros and Cons:

    • Skin feels great
    No "cons" were specified in this review.
  4. Flag

    September 15, 2020 9:15 am


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